Uncle May 13, 2014
Fully understand and can appreciate - given the circumstances (Also, I would hope you contacted someone in Administration and they will rectify this matter for "You" asap) . . . AND - Although I know of other ways to contact "YOU", I am very happy to know that "You" will at least pop-in every now and then . . . "YOU" - Have been and will be missed, especially given all that "You" have to offer to everyone in the community here . . . Just Sayin' . . . :facepalm:

(BTW: I think if "You" contact the ECF Forum Manager "rolygate" via the "Support System" here: E-Cigarette-Forum he might be able to take care of this and/or direct you to the right person who can fix this situation and maybe even get "Your" money back . . . :D)