Bottles and Cylinders and Vials and Flasks and HDPE and ... supplies

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Hiya Ladies and Gentlemen,

This list is in no way complete. If you've found another great company, please comment below. If you've had trouble with a company, please post as well.

Disclaimer: I haven't purchased from every company listed below, so if you have questions, feel free to ask.

Glass & Plastic Bottles, Laboratory Supplies, Glassware, and Misc. Supplies

Packaging Options Direct (my favorite)
American Science & Surplus

Candle Chem

Abundant Health
Best Bottle
New Directions Aromatics
Bottle Solutions
Cleveland Bottle
Container and Packaging
E.D. Luce Packaging
Freund Container & Supply
Grainger Industrial Supply
Midwest Bottles
SKS Bottle & Packaging
Specialty Bottle
Sunburst Bottle
The Cary Company
U.S. Plastic Corporation
Home Science Tools
Science Supplies
The Lab Depot
Science: Lab Equipment
The Science Company
Science Lab Supplies

Syringes and other Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies
Veterinary Supplies
CML Supply

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