Cleaning Evod/Protank Coils

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Some people wash them in water, soak them in everclear or vodka and rewash them with water.

I've been doing my way for about 9 months and it works for me:

I have about 15 coils and 9 evods in rotation. I wash them when I've used about 5 or more.
I rinse/shake-out/rinse/shake-out (about 5-8x) the tanks and bases thoroughly in warm/hot water, shake and blow them out and set them in a butterdish overnight.
I rinse the coils in hot water, blow through, rinse again and throw them all in a small waterglass.
I direct the faucet at it with the hottest it gets to turbulate and wash them.
Let them soak about 15-30 minutes.
I redo this hotttt step about 3-4x when I notice the water has cooled.
Then I blow out the coils and let them dry overnight.

I dry-burn them about once a week. (google dry + burn + Kanger for some youtube vids)
Some juices are extra gunky (usually darker ones) and I replace the coil at a half tank.
Some juices are extra clean and I can get 3 or more refills before I want a different flavor.

My coils last for months and I'm still using some 9 month old tanks. YMMV
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