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eciglopedia's saber touch review

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Eciglopedia's review of the SaberTouch 5v Regulated "Black Tie Edition".
Look & Fell:
It is like your in control/Ladies the mini volt is not as heavy and you can hide it in your hand.
Vapor Production:
Is like puff the magic dragon. It is like the cadillac of all PV's...
Throat hit:
Is just way to legit to quit! You'll feel like your @ fantasy island w/your saber, your saber!

Please note: It is sold alone, all battery's,atomizers,and charger SOLD SEPARATE!

You can choose either 3.7v/6v; 5v regulated; variable volt; or the mini volt.

You will need 2(16340/cr123)protected 880mah battery's. Always keep them paired as sets.

5v regulated means it is regulated for steady 5v vaping. Each one custom made by hand from Sir Lawrence himself.

The durable circuitry is sealed in the top cap to keep from any moisture getting in. If removed it will VOID your warranty.

Safety features:
1-Will not accidently activate unless touched.
2- Two vent holes @ the bottom for ventilation.
3-If your battery's should ever short out, the spring will collapse on itself separating the battery's.
4- Battery under voltage protection, the mod was designed not to discharge your battery's totally dead. This way you get more charges and life out of your rechargeable battery's.

I want to send a shout out to:
ElixirTV, The Smokie's show, & Vapormoon(Sir Lawerance) for allowing me the chance to participate in the giveaways last christmas2010. And lastly my awesome friend OlWildBill in Kansas City,Missouri for sending me the battery's to do this review. He is an angel from above.... God Bless you all!
Happy Vaping! Vape On! & Vape Hard!
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