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Eliquid Review: Mint Chocolate By The Vaporatory

Published by flagreekguy in the blog flagreekguy's blog. Views: 274

We all have our flavor that made a huge impression on us, some of us have more than a few, but I have only one. Electronicstix came out with a pillow mint flavor back in 2011, and when I purchased my Megaladon from them I got a few bottles of it from them. I was in love with it and couldn't get enough of it, it slowly became my favorite vape of all time.

Fast forward years later and that flavor isn't really available anymore. I've attempted several different times to find a replacement, only to fall short to terrible chocolate or terrible mint, or both.

2 week's ago i'm at the Vaporatory shooting the .... with Corey and Max, as i'm making fun of Corey's ring tone, Max hands me his newest mod that he bought to take a peek at. Without hesitation, I throw a drip tip condom on it without his permission and proceed to vaping whatever it is he is vaping on. After exhaling, I had a memory pop up in my head.

Now we all know that taste buds have memories just like words and visions, this was no different. "What the hell is this max..." he smirked and said "Next week, wait until next week". "Don't do this to me max, where did you get this?" he laughed a little bit and repeated "Just wait until next week, it'll be ready then"

I mentioned to Max once before that I'd been looking for a quality mint chocolate e liquid but haven't found it for the past few years, i'm not sure if he remembered that conversation but I was assuming that's why he was so eagerly dismissing my attempts at getting a name of the e liquid.

One week later I walk back in, pick up a new mod and stand and wait patiently for Max to tell Corey to fix me up a batch. "Why can't you just mix it?" Max's response "The recipe is in his head, and only his for now".

I waited for Corey to finish helping the other customers before he headed in his "Vaboratory" to mix my bottle for me. I could not wait to get this in my Kayfun, so i tossed it in the moment he handed it to me, which was a mistake.

The taste of a tootsie roll is all I was getting, and I was extremely, extremely disappointed. I trusted Corey though, and know full well that his e liquid is quality, so when I got home I threw it in my "Steep-o-maker" and let it sit for the evening.

The next morning I shake it for at least 10 minutes like a ....... shake weight in my hand, toss it back in my Kayfun and fire it up...heaven.
It's exactly what I wanted, the inhale had a minty taste with a light mixture of chocolate hinting out, the exhale is all chocolate.
This happened on Friday when I received the 30ML bottle, it's now Sunday and i'm down to 10 ML's at most. [​IMG]
Do I know if The Vaporatory is selling it on their site yet? i doubt it, he just got the recipe down pat, but here's one thing I do know.
This is by far the best Mint chocolate flavor I've ever vaped on.
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