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For the love of jebus!!

Published by Dredbull in the blog Dredbull's blog. Views: 157

OK a bit of a rant. A few pet peeves of mine THAT I must get out in some fashion or risk loosing what little sanity I have left.

Rude people, OMFG! It is not my fault you were taught no manners and failed kindergarden. Wait your turn, do not swear at me and make it personal esp. IF I am trying to do my job to help you. The amount of service you receive from me is a direct reaction to how much of a flaming pile of dog crap you treat me like.

Men who attempt to bully smaller women. Nuff said on this weither it is a verbal crushing sounding like a neolithic walking Dbag dropping F bombs every other word. Or unprovoked physical violence. Mr. woman hater please go light yourself on fire and save us the trouble.

Women who think men are whipping posts. verbal mental or physical.
Now do not get me wrong mom raised me to be nice to women, but they lose that statis when they ball up a fist like a man and think they are ready for a boxing match. Act like a lady get treated like a lady. Act like a dude in a bar fight get treated like a dude in a bar fight.. Fair enough ya?

Smelly people.
OH the volumes I could rant on about this one topic alone.
From curry and bo to fresh poop covered with a french bath.
GO WASH!! SOAP and water not urine and butt.
Also if you insist on smelling like a purfume counter GO EASY!! chewing on your funky cloud 20' away and 45 minutes after you left the area means you need to shower, perferably with pure grain booze and a blow torch way down wind from me.

People and their cellphones.
No I do not want to see intimate pictures of you as a screen saver... Just goes to show you that they have zero class. DO not get offended when I break out a pair of gloves to handle your phone, I KNOW where your hands have been to take said picture.
If your hygene is lacking do not be shocked if I break out a set of gloves BEFORE I touch your phone. I can see the face slimed sheen from across the store. Or have just watched you cough and sneeze and or pick your nose, scracthed your junk etc. and handle your phone.
If you have dropped in human waste, feces or even a septic tank USE common sense and do not handle it nor get angery I refuse to touch it.
A study 5 years ago at a local mall was conducted on 100 random cellphones. 100 came back positive with urine and fecal matter on them... Nasty people doing 1 and 2 while texting and not washing their hands. 2 phones came back so foul they had flesh eating staph on them. 1 had herpes simplex 2 the nasties kept on going.
Think twice before using someone's phone.

People who feel the need to help themselves to my hand sanitizer. NO dipwad it will not help you since you are already infected with a serious case of stupid. I use it because I am around filthy objects all day long.. See above. IT is behind my yellow line and my counter stay back.

Dipwads who LEAN way over in my personal space and computer work area. GTFB! seriously! I have recently stopped working on people's phones when they overhang my work area. 1 warning nicely then they can go away. Breathing down my neck while I juggle 15 things is not getting to go any faster.

OK I hve vented enough I need to go lay down and or enjoy a rather giant glass of whiskey.
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