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Getting the mg right - A model

Published by DVap in the blog DVap's blog. Views: 934

Stopping short of doing the math here, which I'll do if folks insist (but they usually don't), this is the model I'm currently using to estimate e-liquid concentration and amount that approximates our old tobacco nicotine intake.

Here is the total mg of nicotine to vape daily based on the type of cigarettes we used to smoke and how many of them we smoked daily:

1. Ultra lights - 25 mg of nicotine from e-liquid x number of packs per day previously smoked.

2. Lights - 37 mg of nicotine from e-liquid per pack x number of packs per day previously smoked.

3. Full flavor - 50 mg of nicotine from e-liquid per pack x number of packs per day previously smoked.


Smoking habit: Ultra-light at 2.5 packs/day.

Use the 25 mg figure (above) and multiply it by the 2.5 packs/day (25 mg x 2.5 = 62.5 mg). So according to my model, 2.5 pack/day ultralight smokers will balance their old nicotine habit by vaping 62.5 mg of nicotine per day.

Let's say you habitually vape 4 mL of 15 mg/mL e-liquid. You can find out the mg of nicotine vaped per day by multiplying 4 mL by 15 mg/mL: (4 mL x 15 mg/mL = 60 mg). So you're vaping 60 mg of nicotine/day.

So I estimated that your old smoking habit would be balanced by vaping 62.5 mg of nicotine per day, and you are actually vaping 60 mg of nicotine per day. Pretty close, according to my model, your vaping is in balance with your former smoking.

Of course, if we can go down from our old tobacco-based nicotine consumption, that's probably a good thing, I'm not recommending a level, I'm just attempting to model the balance point between tobacco and vaping empirically.

If folks reading this would look at their old smoking habits versus their current vaping habits, and post a comment to let me know how close their smoking and vaping match up using the figures above, I'd be grateful.

Just find the 1) estimated mg nicotine to vape per day according to this model using type of cigarette and packs/day and compare it to 2) the mg nicotine you actually vape using your e-liquid concentration and daily volume vaped.

Since this is a model, I'm not interested in comments on how I'm wrong. :rolleyes: I'm looking to see how this model holds up to reality for those who might comment.

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