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Hoosier's Flavoring Levels -aka: A general DIY guide to Flavoring ratios

Published by Hoosier in the blog Hoosier's blog. Views: 3681

Disclaimer: Hoosier's DIY blogs are to only be read and understood by folks who have read all the sticky's in DIY E-Liquid and are based off of my experience with mixing my own juice for over a year.

Hoosier's levels of flavoring from too little to too much:
  1. Nothing (Did I forget to add the flavoring?)
  2. Something Odd (This does not taste like the flavor I put in there.)
  3. I Can Taste Something Kinda' Like It (I can detect the higher or spice notes, but not the actual taste)
  4. Hooo, It's There, but Real Light (Getting close now, let it steep before adding any more)
  5. Bingo (Duh, we have a juice)
  6. Hmmmm, That Is Close, But Has A "Je Ne Sais Pas" of Oddness (Dang didn't let it steep and I overshot)
  7. Kinda' Close, but the Perfumey/Chemically Kills It (Going into the too much realm here and may be due to ignoring the steep part of #4.)
  8. Whoo, Did I Forget to Put the Flavoring In? (Too much flavoring can actually make things impossible to taste.)
Note that the first tier and last tier are much alike, the only difference is the way the unvaped juice smells. If it smells fairly close, but has no flavor then it is usually too much. (Usually, not always as there are exceptions.)

Steeping means leaving the capped bottle out of sun light for a period of time to allow time for the components time to reach an entropic state. If you think steeping is something else, or don't know what an entropic state is, please talk to someone else about your issues. I have a closed mind on steeping and have not taught basic physics since my freshman classes when the professor gave up trying to counter my arguements and left the class to me. :p
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