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I forgot to thank 1 more person...

Published by DAVEG in the blog DAVEG's blog. Views: 78

I forgot to thank Leaford. He was the 1st one to show me the ropes with his reviews and chirping bird in the background.

Funny, the chirping was still there tonight.. he said it was a new bird, not the one from his old home in California, USA.

For the past couple of years he has been living in China. So, I forgot him and also for a while forgot how to spell "Leaford." Even though this is his "Alter Ego" and his "Real" name is Daniel Henschel, he has had an impact on me and many others. Thanks, Leaford, for what you are and for "Who" you continue to be.

Also, thanks to David Yang. Eastmall was one of the 1st Chinese places I went when I was new. Lots more people and things and events to be thankful for.

Now I am done.
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