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In search of a tank that isnt crap

Published by ImperfectFuture in the blog Using eCigs to Quit Smoking, or the umpteenth nic replacement...Successful?. Views: 144

Just to point out what has been said in many a YouTube video (from the wise older guys), this is actually a new industry. This is very new technology, as opposed to upgrading cars, and do you remember those old not so smart phones? Blackberry was king at the time.

As the industry flourishes (provided the powers that be leave it to its natural evolution), these clearomizers will develop into top notch products. As well as the tanks, mods, batteries (even the 808's are progressing, though I personally believe Halo is leading the pack, and being that smart company looking to the capitalistic future :facepalm:, making their stuff with somewhat planned obsolescence and rather proprietary hardware).

My own g6 mini tanks have continued to flourish, even after some rough handling from a newb, and some infantile cleaning methods. I did lose one out of fourteen due to rough handling (it developed small cracks along the top, in hind sight, shoulda kept the tip when through the whole thing out). I like many clearos, since I have several flavors going at once, and some on the side for cleaning purposes.

Today's favorites, while waiting for more vape mail, voodoo from Halo, Bavarian Creme from Mt. Baker Vapor, and a half/half mix of tiki juice with Turkish tobacco (my own recipe using Halo to make a 6mg ejuice).
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