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It's not just the nicotine...

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Why do we smoke? Why do some of us not find vaping satisfying?

As the dominant tobacco alkaloid at perhaps 90% (edit: or even 95%) by weight in the tobacco alkaloid spread, nicotine gets all the attention, with the other 5-10% by weight of tobacco alkaloids being largely ignored.

It is not nicotine that hooks us, it is nicotine plus the all the other tobacco alkaloids. For many, nicotine e-liquid is unsatisfying. These folks vape high concentrations chasing what no amount of nicotine can give them.

Add the other 5-10% of the tobacco alkaloids to the nicotine, and now you've got something that will take the edge off.

The defect of nicotine e-liquid is simple: It is an overly-processed product. We don't want nicotine e-liquid, we want whole tobacco alkaloid e-liquid.

Give vapers (especially those who just can't get satisfaction from regular e-liquid) a WTA e-liquid, and they'll happily vape, prolong their life and quality of life immeasurably, and smile and say "no thanks" to all those who wish to purge their chosen behavior.

They might quit entirely, they might not. But they will exercise their freedom of choice, something increasingly under attack in this nanny-infested society. If nothing else, they will free themselves forever from having no viable alternative to the inhalation of burning tobacco.

Tobacco alkaloids are not harmless, especially compared to not consuming any at all. However, consuming them in e-liquid separated from the pyrolysis products (tobacco smoke), certainly represents a significant harm reduction.

Edit: Feb 2010 - Since WTA e-liquid isn't available commercially (I've only made it on a test-scale), looking into Swedish Snus might provide the "edge" that's missing. Many have said, "Me, snus? You've got to be kidding!", and many of these same people now swear by it.

You can look up more info on snus here on ECF: Other Alternatives to Smoking.

If you're doing fine with vaping, snus probably isn't for you, but if you're being driven crazy by the desire to smoke despite vaping, or if you're finding yourself upping your eliquid nicotine to frightening levels, snus may well help.
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