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Juice Review - Pink Spot Vapors "Outlaw 555"

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I ordered this as part of a 6 flavor, 6ml each sampler pack. While this isn't a review of their customer service, I will give them a huge A+ in that respect. They shipped very quickly and wrote me a nice personalized message on the invoice. This was a very nice touch and shows their personal attention to each of their customers. Big thumbs up for that!

Another big thumbs up for their packaging. The labels are very well done, listing not only the flavor and mg strength of the juice, but also the ingredients and a born-on date.

On to the flavor. While I found the "Swagger" to be more of a cakey flavor, the "Outlaw 555", was definitely more of a tobacco flavored vape. The flavor to me was similar to the "Swagger", in that it had a background of the vanilla cakey-ness (not a word, I know), but the predominate flavor was a sweet tobacco. I find the balance of the two flavors to work very well together to produce a delicious tobacco vape.

Is it like other 555 flavors? Not at all. While most 555 flavors have a nutty tobacco flavor, I didn't find that to be the case with this flavor. It is definitely a unique rendition of a 555, although I find the name to be a little misleading if someone is looking for a 555 flavor and expecting it to be similar to others on the market. I think this would actually be a good one for their "Swagger" flavor.

As I mentioned in my "Swagger" review, I don't know what the PG/VG ratio of their juices are, but vapor production and throat hit are excellent.

Overall, I would break down the grading on this juice as follows (on a 5 point scale, 5 being best)

Flavor: 4
Vapor Production: 4
Throat Hit: 5

Overall Score: 4.33/5
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