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Killer craving solution

Published by GMayberry in the blog GMayberry's blog. Views: 211

We have all had it. If you haven't chances are you will. Just that craving for a cigarette that you can't just shake off this time. Here is a simple solution....

Keep 2 of your favorite cigarettes in a pack. Just 2. No more. Now.... wrap the pack in duct tape. No, not one long piece, lots of 2"-4" pieces. All going in different directions. Keep wrapping it until it is completely covered a few good layers. Once that craving hits and you have tried to shake it, grab this pack. Chain vape your highest nicotine juice that you have while you attempt to unwrap it. You should decide that it isn't worth all the trouble after a layer or two.

I hope this helps someone! It was suggested to me and I resorted to it once, and it worked!!
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