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King Diamond vs Maxxfusion review

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Recieved my Bloog today, and after a little topping off charge it was ready to go in about 35 minutes. I filled a MF blank with Nuport Wow, and filled a red Wow blank with the same. I compared it to Anthems (king diamond shorty from V4L). I'm still using the Bloog batt to see how long it lasts, that part I will update later on... Now for the review

As you can see in the pics, they are roughly the same size (V4L a little longer due to the gem stone). I did this so I could have as best of a one armed rabid monkey versus one armed rabid monkey test as best as possible. They are both fresh off the charger. I view this in the same way as when I compared a GTX 8800 Ultra to a GTX 9800. Same design (both being a Kr808 model), both with enhancements to their predessecors, one going with higher power the other more towards effeciency. I'll also be reviewing the cartos... Having said that...

MF vs KD

Ease of Draw- Both resemble that of an analog it's scary. I can't put one above the other, which should tell you how highly I think of the Bloog considering how much I love my KD's... Push...

Switch- I will say this batt has a better switch than the previous MF I tried. It's spot on, just like with Anthems. This one is a push.

Vapor Production- Both batts produce a lot of vapor (big shocker), when comparing Wow carto on MF it gets less than it does on KD. With it's matching carto though, I get just as much as I do with Wow carto on the KD. I got a lot more vapor with the MFC on the KD but at the expense of a burnt juice taste. I will go more into that later... So again, we have a push...

Vapor Warmth- Now this is the biggest difference between the two. For those who prefer a cooler vapor, Bloog is your go to. If you prefer a warmer vapor, go V4L. I measured the output of both, KD is 4.2 at full charge, the MF is 3.6. Goes hand in hand with the warmth of the vapor... For me, I like a warmer vape, others may not... This is completely up to the individual.....

Battery life- On the KD shorties I get 1 1/2 to 2 hours of continous vaping. So far, after an hour MF is still going strong... I'm expecting a slight jump in batt life due to the higher mah and lower voltage of the Bloog. This one I will give the nod to Bloog until proven otherwise.... While typing this my thoughts proved true. Into hour 2 with vaping no drop off yet. I know with my KD's they drop to about 3.8v by now.... Yes, I've been vaping the entire time I type this.... Final run time was just shy of 2:45. So yes, the MF does get the nod.

Those are the main measurables I can attriubute to the batts themselves. The rest fall into the carto and juice realm.... As far which I prefer, the KD. Is it a major gap in performance? No... It really comes down to the warmth of vapor and battery life, otherwise it's a push. Why I made the video card reference earlier. The 8800 Ultra was a monster of a card which ate power like a starving 3 legged ginuea pig (trust me, that's a lot). The 9800 was as die shrink (65nm from 90nm) of the same chip so it ran faster using less energy, but had less vram on it. Some preferred the less heat and power usage of the 9800, others preferred the higher amount of vram for higher resolution gaming, but both were great cards. It is a to each it's own choice.

MF vs Wow cartos

Capacity- The Wow carts hold 1ml of juice max. Very rarely have I gotten one where I could incule anything more than that. The MF carto took 1.2ml of juice. I used a syring to refill both. So in that respect, MF carto wins

Resistance- My Wow carto I tested with came in at 2.3 ohms, my MF 2.7 ohm. I know from past experience the cool carts from V4L come in at 3.1-3.5 ohm. This kinda surprised me due to the V4L batt burning the juice, thought it would be lower.

TH potential- I list it as such because the juice you use has more effect on th than anything else I know of. With MF carto the th is not as strong with it's respective batt as it is wth the Wow and a KD. On the KD, the th is outstanding with the MF, but again at a cost of burned juice... V4L has you beat on this one, but not by much... On a scale of 10 with the V4L being a 9, I put the MF at an 8. How important the th is to you will come into play in your decision....

From what I can tell it's best to use the MF cartos with it's respective batt, and the same can be said for V4L. Depending on what batt you have, use that respective carto. Though I had much better luck with the Wow on MF than the MF on KD. At least the juice didn't burn in that trade off, though the vapor production was down a bit...

On a side note, adding a drip tip to either carto increases it's vapor production and th. Especially the th. If you go with a bloog and have a need for high th, I highly suggest adding a dt.

There you go... Both companies make excellent batts, it really comes down to personal prefrerence on deciding.
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