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Like a Virgin - Inexpensive Tools for a Noob to Rebuilding

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Yes, I am a noob.

Until a few days ago, I've always used devices (VV/VW), and used stock coils. When I ran out, I'd order more.

I decided to venture into the world of both drippers, and a mechanical mod (Reo mini 2.1). Looking at the videos for rebuilding coils made it SEEM super easy, so I wasn't daunted by losing my coil cherry when my mod, or the drippers finally arrived.

Well, the drippers came last week (2 igo-L). I had my Kanthal, pliers, light...everything that I thought I would need. And then, lo and behold...I got a good look at the posts.

Small. So very, very small.

I waited a day or two, thinking about what I should do. Did I *really* want to drip? Was it that much of a big deal to order the altogether random stock atomizers heads from kanger? Seriously random, mind 1.8 orders would come in ranging anywhere from 1.8 to 2.6.

I was about to say, "No big," and then I realised...I still had an Reo mini coming in. I had to rebuild the reomizer. *PANIC*

I'm 46. My eyes are not that great. I wear glasses, and over the last few years, the prescription has consistently changed every year (for the worse). How was I *EVER* going to be able to do this, aside from going into a shop and asking someone to build for me?

I found some surprisingly inexpensive (and PERFECT) tools to help!

lluminated Multipower LED Binohead Magnifier

This was the best $7.87 I ever spent. Seriously. I can see what I am doing, it lights up, and...well, my husband makes fun of me when he sees it on me.

Lutz 4-In-One Pocket Screwdriver

This is the size of a pen. It LOOKS like a pen. Ran me I think $2.99 in Ace.

Dispensing Needle, Blunt Tip 14 ga x 1-1/2" 50 pcs

Perfect for not only helping to thread the cotton into the coil, but also useful for DIY mixing:)

Ohm Meter

You might be able to get one cheaper, but get one nonetheless. You'll be needing this. I like this one because it is very small and compact.

Artistic Wire Coiling Gizmo

I haven't actually used this, but it is on order. My hands shake like a ...., and my coils are all over the place. From what I've read, this thing is perfect. And cheap. Did I mention, cheap?

We all know we're spending tons of money on mods and juices, at least we can hope for cheap, functional tools that will make our experience easier!

:vapor: Vape on!:vapor:
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