Morris65 Feb 20, 2014
I've been a cabbage convert for over a year now. Once a week I'll fry up a huge pan of mostly chopped cabbage (red & white), onions, peppers, and mushrooms. I buy my fruits and veggies at an Oriental supermarket where the prices are 1/2 to 1/3 what you'd pay at a major store and the quality and selection are equal or better so it's not such a strain on the budget. Fry it in vegetable gives the same buttery, comfort feel and taste as oil or butter but with NO fat or calories. If you're not a Wal-phobic, you can save 33% at WalMart. Add a cooker full of brown rice (use rice and quinoa if you can find it....Trader Joe's stocks it) and fry with your choice of spices...some chopped rice vermicelli and good duck sauce or sweet chili sauce (oriental market again) are welcome additions. Make it a real main course by adding grilled chicken breast or thigh and a grilled pork chop (both cut into small cubes) and you've got a low-calorie, low-fat, even gluten-free meal that, if done with loving care, can be superb.

As to your claims of health benefits, which are far more important than a fine meal, I can certainly agree to that. Six and a half years ago the doctor found 3 polyps (benign fortunately ) in my colon. They were removed but that put me on a diagnostic (rather that screening) schedule which meant I had to be checked every three years rather that five. Three years later he found 7 polyps. Six months ago, after a year of somewhat increased exercise and a heck of a lot of cabbage, they found NO polyps and told me I didn't have to come back for another TEN YEARS!

PS: As you may know, colon polyps (even benign) will turn cancerous if not treated (removed). Far better to avoid them in the first place.