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May 4, 2014

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May 4, 2014

It has been 42 days since I have had a cigarette.
Just want to remind people it can be done.

Some thoughts and observations.


- Enjoy the single bottom coil from kanger. No serious problems with leakage or getting a bad coil.
Must be lucky.
- Ecig forum has some of the best information out there. Join.Join.Join.
- A ton of info on the internet and from my local B&M's.
- Nice that I enjoy a number of ejuices from my B&Ms. Less than a 20 minute walk from the house.
- Until I find something better, I am going to rebuild my Evod coils ( around 1.8 ohms, seem to be what I enjoy ) and buy tanks that use these. Both hand wrap and micro wraps.
- Goggle and youtube are your friend.
- Always take things I read and view with " a grain of salt ".
- I really believe that 80% of things I read and view are put out there by people who just want to help.
- That my quitting cigarettes was the hardest and best thing I have ever done. After countless times, using every type, only vaping has done the trick.
- I know that nicotine is important, but SEEING the exhale will trigger a small 'switch' in my brain saying " you are giving me what I want".
( remember that for me, it was 40 plus years of getting that signal...)
- I said at the beginning that " this isn't going to be a hobby, just want to quit." I was very wrong.
- If I use the same mind set for coil rebuilding and DIY ejuice that I use at work, rebuilding commerical HVAC systems, I will do OK.
- Being almost 62 years old and having lived through the computer boom from 'trash80's', dail up, DOS, etc.
I can wait to upgrade. I do not need instant results. IT WILL COME...
- Again, very lucky that the first 2 coil rebuilds I did turned out great. Hand wrap, 32ga on 3mm silica wick.

Equipment on hand:

1 650mAh battery
1 11000 stainless color Evod battery
1 Stainless color Evod Tank
1 Black color Evod Tank
1 Kanger T2 Tank
1 CE4 tank


4 Evod coils: 1 ea 2.2 ohm and 3 ea 1.8 coil
2 ea 11 ml Syringes w/ a curved and straight needles
8 ea plastic 10 ml containers w/ caps
1 15ml blue glass bottle w/ eyedropper
10ml, 25ml and 50ml pyrex beakers
1 Multimeter
1 set of jewelers screwdriver set
1 micro tweeters
1 1/16 drill bit and 5/64 drill bit
foot or so of 30ga and 32ga kanthal wire
some 3mm and 2mm silica wicks
Bag of organic cotton balls

DIY ejuice supplies:

120ml nicotine ( wizardlabs )
120ml PG ( wizardlabs )
120ml VG ( wizardlabs )
8 each flavors, so far ( TFA )

On order: 5 pack of 1.8 ohm Kanger Evod coil heads ( arrives 5/6/2014 )

Need to order:

More Kanthal 30 and 32ga wire
More Silica wicks 3, 2 and 1mm
More small, glass bottles, w/ droppers.
Protank 2 mini
Anyvape Davide Mini
( maybe a full size Protank or full size Anyvape Davide if the mini's work out. )
itaste VV version 3
Evod Twist battery

Side Note: I still have a v2 808d system with a 250mAh auto battery that I refill with my own juice for those times when I feel a smaller size is called for. Not a hassle, and I have 10 extra prefilled tanks to use up.

Just my take on things.
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