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Mom and Pop's Vapor Shop E-Liquid

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Mom and Pop's Vapor Shop - Caramel and Nutty Orange
Most of the flavors from M&P come in 3 flavor strengths: All day vape, Sweet Treat and Sticky Sweet.This has no bearing on the sweetness ratio but the flavor potency in the juice. Unless noted I will get the midline Sweet Treat for sampling.

Caramel - Who doesn't like caramel? Caramel is a blend of Sugar and butter (usually) and sometimes
milk that gets a wonderfull creamy texture from browning the sugar. A high end "Pure" caramel is
made with nothing but sugar where as most of us have grown to know "blended" caramel. It is usually
blended with butter and milk to smooth out the texture and change the consistency for the application.
I enjoy both types but have a liking for the pure caramels and the more buttery blends. The term
carmelize comes from the process used to make it and is now a common cooking term for heating something
to a point where the starches convert to sugars.
The review -
The boring (but necessary) stuff:
Vapor production - Very heavy, even for premium liquid.
Throat Hit - Not an issue for me when vaping a SMOOTH caramel, at 18mg it is milder.
Smell - Buttery sweet. Exceptionally nice. Similar to butter toffee cooling.
Thickness - Thicker consistency but wicks well.
Flavor - In a word...AMAZING!!! This is (so far) the only "Candy" juice that has made it into my
"Puff on daily" list. I simply can not express how smooth, rich and buttery this is. There is no
hint of sweetner taste. This is a really nice recreation of a very rich buttery blended caramel.
The smoothest caramel flavor of the many I have tried and by far the best. This is a very premium
liquid and a staple for my after dinner vape with my cup of espresso. I really just can not do
this beautiful flavor justice with written words. To me, this is like vaping distilled goodness.
I have also ordered this in "Sticky Sweet" for blending with other juices.

Nutty Orange - Not alot to say here. I like oranges. I like most varietys of fruit and seeds that
in culinary terms are called nuts. Just some quick trivia winners here: Almonds, Peanuts and Cashews
are not, by definition, nuts! Peanuts are legumes (bean and pea family), Almonds and Cashews are
Drupes (A classification of fruits).
The Review -
The boring (but necessary) stuff:
Vapor production - Above average even for premium liquid.
Throat Hit - Not an issue for me but at 18mg it is milder.
Smell - Very orangy? Smells a bit like orange sherbet.
Thickness - Thicker consistency but wicks well.
Flavor - The flavor on a freshly filled carto was very heavy on the orange but as it aged (over the
course of a week) the flavor seemed to blend more to the nut side. I prefered the steeped version
much better as it represented both flavors in quite a complimentary balance. The flavor is very
well crafted and had nice strength at the "Sweet Treat" level for me. It started off almost like
the candy coating on an orange flavored chocolate filled sucker. After steeping it became something
like orange sherbet (the icecream type desert) with a nice hazelnut (filbert) syrup dripped on top.
The creamy sherbet flavor was represented well in this one and the flavor was very smooth.
I was rather surprised to find that I enjoyed this flavor quite a bit as the flavor name led me to
think that it would be a rather strange mix.
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