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My Current Reviews & Thoughts (TPA/TFA Flavors)

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For reference: I am using an EVOD, Aerotank, & Igo-W. I have an Ego-C Twist, MVP V2, & a mini pass-through which I use at about 4.2-.3.6 volts (as low as 3.2 in the morning (or on the MVP) - and sometimes up to 4.6 on the pass-through) - with 2.2-2.8ohm coils.

I've been learning a reasonable amount about these flavorings as I use them, and have found that steeping is absolutely essential for quite a few of them (at least a week) or else there is that perfume-y/chemically flavor everyone keeps talking about... but after a week or two, the flavors come out nicely.

Percentages are approximate! (I'm using mini-pipettes which give about 70 drops per 1ml, so may be a drop or two off).

So, here we go:

  • (Ripe) Strawberry (15%) - Thus far, this is literally my favorite flavor. I started to notice the chemically flavor after my taste-buds reset after quitting smoking. I notice that this goes away if I give it at least a week to steep. It is certainly a candy-like strawberry flavor... which is what I was going for originally - but certainly not a "mix and vape", as is with may TFA flavorings. --- The only problem I've found with this flavoring is that is seems to get lost (completely) in some of the mixes I've made with other flavors if I don't put enough in. (certainly will be buying more)
  • (Ripe) Banana (10%) - Some reviews have said this tastes like the Runts candy. This is absolutely accurate (it even smells like it!). I haven't really tried it in any mixes... but it is certainly yummy, and very much a very "ripe" banana flavor.
  • Watermelon (15%) - Another favorite. I've mixed it with a little koolada for a nice, refreshing, cool watermelon that has been great when it's hot outside. I would absolutely suggest it. It is a VERY AUTHENTIC watermelon flavor, and not candy-like.
  • (Clear) Double Chocolate (10%) - I got this flavor to come out perfect by adding a little bit of vanilla and a smoother. Without these additions it tasted a little artificial to me, but these too things made it come out with a milk chocolate flavor. I love mixing it with strawberry or other flavors. Delicious! --- Note: This flavor, to me, has a slight alcohol smell (though no alcohol is present in the flavor), but it has no such taste.
  • Horchatta (6%) - This is a VERY AUTHENTIC Horchatta flavor, with just enough cinnamon. I really, really, REALLY like this flavor.
  • Cheesecake (5%) - I could honestly mix this one less strong because, well... it's really strong, and it also has a tendency to overpower a mix... not to mention sticking to my hardware like nothing else (I had to clean my Aerotank pretty thoroughly with vinegar just to get the taste out, even after switching coils). None-the-less, it is a pretty good flavor, and one of my friend's favorites (we are both fully aware of the heath risks, but I bought this flavor mostly out of curiosity's sake). I will likely be using this at lower quantities in mixes in the future so that I can get the most out of the fruit flavors I mix it with --- at lower quantities, it kinda tastes like plain cream cheese to me, which is amazingly nice mixed with the horchatta (an experience I had because of the whole "sticking to my hardware" issue).
  • Chai Tea (10%) - HOLY THROAT HIT BATMAN. This flavor is EXTREMELY STRONG on the cinnamon, but is absolutely tastes like Chai Tea. I mixed it with some vanilla for a Chai-Latte flavor, and it was absolutely divine... except that after vaping it for a couple hours, it made my throat quite dry and harsh (which is not something I've really had a problem with with other flavors). I will likely make it quite a bit weaker in the future for this reason... which is a pity to an extent because it tastes just like the double-spice chai tea I buy. Might also consider adding a smoother to it in the future.
  • Green Tea (15%) - This is a pretty light flavor, which I guess it to be expected since Green Tea isn't particularly a strong flavor.
  • Vanilla (10%) - What Linda has to say about this flavor is accurate, it DOES taste like vanilla ice-cream. I've tried it by itself, but I'm not a major fan of vanilla, so I mostly mix it with other flavors (it's great with the chocolate and helps round it out). --- Note: The concentrate literally smells like the marshmallows you find in Lucky Charms... I have no idea why, but it really does, and my boyfriend sincerely agrees.
  • Espresso (3%) - This is a flavor I just haven't gotten right yet, and I'm not sure I will. At 3% I still couldn't really taste it, so next time I mix up a batch, I will be trying it at about 5%. It adds a little bit of a throat-hit, and I'm not actually sure why.
  • Clove (3%) - To say this flavor is strong is an understatement. I mixed it up with 10% tobacco and it was REALLY STRONG - but certainly tastes like clove. I will be adding some vanilla to the mix next time I make it.... I'm currently trying to recreate the taste of the original Djarum Blacks (ya know, before they made them cigarillos), and with a little more tobacco and some vanilla, I think I might just have it.
  • Red Type (7%) - I'm still playing around with this one. It's my only tobacco flavor, and I have a feeling that it may end up retired. I haven't yet mixed it above 7% by itself, and it got lost under the flavor of clove in the mixture I made with it. I'm thinking at about 10-12% it'll be right... but currently all of my vials are used up with other juices (and loaned to people I'm trying to convert) --- so getting this one right will likely take awhile.
  • Sweetener (2%) - I have found that there is literally no good reason I can think of to add more than 2% of this into a mix. I tried it with the espresso and it was WAY TOO SWEET. Regardless, it works great, and I haven't had a problem with it gumming up my coils... yet.
  • Koolada (2%) - Most people suggested using this at 0.5-1%, I found I liked a little more of it. It was a great mixture with watermellon, but when I went less then 4 drops in my mix, I didn't really even notice it was there. I intend on putting it in with some vanilla/strawberry/chocolate/banana for a banana-split flavor that's cold. --- Note: There may be some health-risks associated with koolada (info I've found on it says it's absolutely not safe for inhalation - surprised this information hasn't ended up all over the place like diacetyl, but meh).

Flavors I'm still playing with (all listed above): Chai Tea, Clove, Espresso, Red Type....
everything else, I'm pretty well satisfied with.

Flavors that were pretty great for mix & vape*: Banana & Vanilla
Flavors that definitely need steeping: Strawberry, Watermelon, Chocolate (Watermelon less so than Strawberry - Strawberry needs AT LEAST a week, if not two (I would suggest more rather than less) - Watermelon seems to be good-to-go after about four-ish days steeping - haven't figured out exactly how much time the chocolate needs to come out right, but I tried to mix and vape it and it was good for the first few drags, but then started tasting off, so I put it back in the cupboard and let it sit for a week and it was good).
*If unsure, I highly suggest steeping all of your juices for at least 4-7 days. I may have gotten lucky with the mixtures of Banana and Vanilla I've made, but thus far have not had any problems with them having a chemical taste. --- When I first got TFA's Strawberry, I mixed it a lot weaker than I am now and vaped it right after mixing it (and still enjoyed it)... but when mixing TFA flavors (to my experience) over 5-7%, I highly suggest steeping them to get the best flavor and avoid the chemically flavor.
I have also noticed that at higher voltages (if I exceed 4.2), I still get the chemically taste out of some of the flavors, specifically the Espresso and Strawberry, so they may need steeping longer.

Note: I do not breathe any of my liquids.

And that's it!
I'll probably update this once I get the "flavors I'm still playing with" down... if I ever do... Espresso and Red Type may be retired eventually if I can't get them right, but at this point it just seems like it's a matter of just using a high-enough %.

Random Note About My Mixes: I am mixing everything with VG, so if you're using PG and you're trying to follow what I'm making, you may want to consider using less - as PG carries flavors better than VG. Also, whether is makes a difference or not, I am using WTA juice from WholeCig - mixing their DIY juice (which is 36mg, 100% VG) about 1/3-1/4 with VG... I have no idea if this makes any difference as to flavors, but WholeCig's WTA juice certainly has a slight tobacco-y smell to it, so... who knows, it might have an impact on the flavor.

The following threads are really great reference for percentages of TFA flavors:
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TPA/TFA Recipes only!

I take no credit for txt list that I have attatched as it was put together by someone else - it was from one of the TPA/TFA flavoring threads which I saved to a txt file for easy reference.
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