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I mix 16ml or 32ml at a time and only single flavors.

When I first started DIY I made 60ml or 120ml of all my favorites.
It took a long time to vape those big bottles down.
DIY is exciting but be smart. You can always make more later :)


32 ml of 18mg 70/30 @ 12.5% flavoring costs me:

$1.12 with Flavor West flavoring
$1.49 with Mt Baker Vapor flavoring
$1.79 with Hawk Sauce, Moo Juice, Caramel Apple or Banana Cream Pie (MBV Signature Flavors)

$1.76 for Hangsen RY1 (from RTS Vapes) @ 2.8% flavoring

32ml of 0 nic FW costs me 22-27 cents!

250ml of HS costs me $13.97
250ml of RY1 costs me $13.78

FW juice costs me 3.51 cents per ml
MBV costs me 4.65 cents per ml
Hangsen RY1 costs me 5.51 cents per ml @ 2.8%
MBV Signature flavors cost me 5.59 cents per ml

That includes shipping when applicable.

I averaged the price of my FW flavors in my calculations - 15% off coupon (cyber)

I use eJuice Me Up - Best eJuice Calculator it's free and it's awesome :thumb:


1 Gallon of USP PG from Tractor Supply - $20

1 Quart of VG from Essential Depot - $14 w/free shipping
Vegetable Glycerin: Essential Depot

I've been getting 100mg RTS nic on sale or WL - I add enough glass bottles to get to the free shipping level

OOPS - RTS requires IE10 now. I have years of nic in cold storage so I don't care.

If I need more I'll get it from Nude Nicotine or Wizard Labs

I bought most of my glass bottles from Wizard Labs & RTS Vapes when buying nic.
I bought them from Specialty Bottle - Glass Bottles the first time though.
SB is only cheaper if you buy enough to average the exorbitant shipping cost down.

I get my plastic bottles for outgoing juice from Newfrog (the 50ml size is actually 64ml)
Squeezable Liquid Dropper Bottles Free Shipping at

dirtcheap Luer Lock Monoject Syringes from Drs. Foster & Smith - Syringe Only
CA, CT, DE, IL, MN, NJ, NH, and NY residents need a veterinarian's prescription though

Not only are polypropylene graduated cylinders cheaper but they're hydrophobic so they repel our sticky liquids better than glass.
I use 25ml, 50ml & 100ml plastic graduated cylinders when making larger amounts (>64ml)
EISCO Polypropylene Graduated Cylinder, Hexagonal Base, 25ml - Model CH0354B: Industrial & Scientific
Polypropylene Graduated Cylinder, Hexagonal Base, 50ml: Industrial & Scientific
EISCO Polypropylene Graduated Cylinder, Hexagonal Base, 100ml - Model CH0354D: Industrial & Scientific

$30 Harbor Freight UC - I run it for 30-45 minutes with the on button held down for 5-8 cycles
It's tolerated that kind of abuse since last May so yeah, I got my money's worth.

I'm thrifty. No problem. I vape for a month on less $$ than I smoked in 1 day.
A full month of tasty vape for the cost of 1 day of smoking. 1 day.

A few links about nicotine storage:

Bottle help with freezing nic juice | E-Cigarette Forum
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I linked directly to great posts (IMO) but there's a lot of good info throughout those entire threads

saving some great blog links here for future reference

(9) Battery Basics for Mods: IMR or Protected ICR? | E-Cigarette Forum
Bottles and Cylinders and Vials and Flasks and HDPE and ... supplies | E-Cigarette Forum

Kurt doesn't have any blogs so I'm storing his "posts" page link here.
"Just the facts, ma'am."
Kurt | E-Cigarette Forum

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