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My experience on eVic

Published by BlackPurple in the blog BlackPurple's blog. Views: 246

I have been using the eVic for 38 days now..Im very satisfied with it so much.
Im impressed with this what it stands for, “Electronic Vapor Intelligent Cigarette”. So intelligent.
This is not a review, just my experience and how it work for me so far.


This PV is very solid, light weight, very flush and easy to use.
Its very about user interface on this PV,not like other PV I tried so far.
Its aluminium body, amazingly not catching any fingerprints at all, keep its body clean and beautiful like before unboxing.

The air drain on the top cap is very useful, especially I don’t need to worry if my tank not getting enough air flow, its because my PV provide enough air flow. And its eVic. Superb!
The design is beautiful, n fits almost every topping from atomizer to cartomizer to clearomizer to genesis style, its perfect.
Screen (MVR 1.2 beta Firmware):
MVR can give anyone a good start to understand all about APV. Resistance, Voltage, and Wattage. Its like a teacher to newbie. Plus, it helps the newbie getting started with the helpful main screen. Such as battery percentage, easy to change from voltage-wattage or wattage-voltage with guide of resistance on main screen. Very big asset on the eVic.
A few good upgrade on v1.2 beta, u can customize screen play time, device play time, battery capacity customization if u have different mAh of your battery, and a few more.
User can choose variety of what they want on their screen. Resistance/power, puff counter, or date/time. Cool isn’t it? I think it is. More like theme for me.
Its very helpful to some people, maybe some will annoy how it work, but I think every newbie would love this. Even im not a newbie, I still love this firmware so much.

My Experience:

For more than a month, its not a very long period of time but enough for me to judge this PV.
I have tried my friends variety PV from VV/VW mods to Mechanical mods. So I can compare eVic with those device.
I can do a thumbs up/down for this.

Thumbs Up:-

- - Suited with almost all topping

- - It remembers everything. Date/Time, puff counter, user profile.

- - Ability to passthrough while charging.

- - Play screen that User Interface like.

- - Beautiful and smooth looking plus light. Very expensive looking.

Thumbs Down:-

- - Just provide 5 volts top.

- - Not accurate voltage/wattage.

- - Rapid Click is not working when u power on device (5 clicks) n rapidly to power on (when currently turn off) or vapor set (when currently on vape mode).

- - Unsteady resistance reader. Sometimes it keep read the resistance falsely and force me to unscrew the tank and screw it back on to get different resistance.

- - Bottom Cap is very sensitive. If u hit it hard or place on table hardly, it will shut down itself.


I hardly recommend this APV to beginner who trying to have a first step on APV world. This device will be so helpful and user friendly.

I love this PV. Seriously I love it so much.
Still cant believe its selled with $110 which is kind of cheap. Maybe because all those thumbs down make it cheap, but still Joyetech provide FREE upgrade. Like have a new PV without buying another. Its such a great thing.

What I expect on next upgrade is they cant fix the maximum voltage because its depends on microchip performance, like Kik. I hope Joyetech can tell me im wrong. Why not? All APV I tried is provide 6 Volts, 7 Volts top even its cheaper. Why 5 volts?maybe Joyetech cut down the performance for further surprise? Who know..i hope im wrong. Seriously I would love that upgrade.

About bottom cap, maybe its because the spring is kinda soft that so springy when u hit it hard which means its not touch the battery for few multiseconds and make it turn off automatically, its nothing to do to Joyetech to fix this. there is replacement for eVic. Stainless Steel Bod by Leo. SS Bod is a telescopic tube that fits 18350 to 18650 battery. Its beautiful and very solid body. It is really make my eyes tears up. Not because of the build, but because of the price. Its almost like u buy 1 more eVic to make your current eVic more solid and telescopic. For me, its not gonna happen. I prefer buying mechanical mod than buy the telescopic body of same device. Seriously.

Last but not least, I read some thread that talking about eVic v2..

I don’t know about that, but I do know the next firmware after v1.2 beta is not v1.2 or v1.3..its v2.0.
YES it is. Its not a rumor, Joyetech website already show that clearly.
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cant wait for it to fix any issues some more.

Again this is not a review, just my experience with eVic so far.

Its all my opinion stated, and its very subjective since everyone use different device. Im not use yours, and u not use mine, I don’t know if those thumbs down only happen to me, but yes its happened to me.

Lets cheers up.

Lets make Earth a better place, lets keep on vaping.

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