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My Experience with the Kanger KR808D-1

Published by chinsk in the blog chinsk's blog. Views: 61

This may be a bit overdue but I wanted to cover this battery as this little guy is what got me to quit smoking and switch over to vaping. My last real cig was December 21st 2011 and I haven't looked back. My first e-cig came from V2cigs and as I have come to understand it, they are they Kanger KR808D-1 gen 1's and they also use the Kanger KR808D-1 horizontal coil cartos. I initially got two batteries in their standard starter kit -- I chose 1 manual and 1 auto that they list as 250mah. I have since given the manual to a buddy and ordered one of their 380mah XL sized batteries. One of my biggest complaints early on was battery life, but based on how much I vape and the battery cell size, its to be expected. They do not take long at all to charge so if you keep a rotation its not that big of a deal, but a long night out may pose some problems. One thing I have learned as my adventures in vaping progressed, is that those little Kanger horizontal coil cartos that V2 sells are actually pretty damn good. All the V2 cartos I have measured on my meter come out to about ~2.6ohm. I feel the vapor production is excellent as is the taste. I chose to ditch the prefill route after learning what the hell I am doing here and started refilling my own. I seem to be able to get several uses out of them before they are done for and start to taste harsh. I vape on a 650mah eGo battery regularly now, but when I go out in public I prefer to carry the lower profile KR8 battery with me. It is also handy when I am in the "work shop" and I need both hands, so I "corner lip" a KR8 auto battery. As it has been mentioned before on the forums, these autos can be damaged by carto leakage in the airhole but I have not had this problem yet by using the horizontal coil cartos. I still have plenty of pre-fill cartos left from my V2 days that I continue to use and refill as needed. A downside is the liquid capacity, I am a pretty heavy vaper and my regular day to day vaping doesnt agree with the capacity (hence my regular 3.5mL DCT tank usage). You do have to be conscious of how much you are vaping to make sure you do not burn the cartos out, perhaps taking a couple with you isn't a bad idea if you chose to travel around with this unit (I refuse to carry bottles of juice around with me). I really do not have a bad thing to say about these batteries at all, despite all the bad press they receive on the forums. They have their purpose and I feel that the cigarette like form factor plays an important role in giving up the smokes and transitioning to vaping. The automatic aspect is a very large part of that, and the easy draw on these batteries very much mimics what taking a toke on a cigarette is like. I wan't to reiterate, there is not a DAMN thing wrong with these batteries (KR808D-1's in general) so if you use these units and are happy, keep at it! I feel a lot of people get wrapped up in the toy collecting aspect of vaping and forget that not everyone is looking for a hobby or a new way to spend a lot of money, they just want a good performing ecig and want to keep it simple. This unit definitely fits that bill for me.

OK, fast forward to today. I noticed Health Cabin has some of the newer "sealed" auto KR808D-1's on sale for $7.50. Awesome (the V2cigs cost $24.95 with a lifetime warranty BTW). I ordered two of these units along with some blank 2.6ohm Kanger horizontal coil cartos for $5.20 for a 5 pack (also ordered two of these). I am aware that they are not really sealed, instead they have simply relocated the air intake hole to a place that would be less prone to leakage. I also believe these are the gen2 style although I am not 100% sure. From what i have read the gen1 charger works fine with the gen2 batteries so hopefully I will be good to go there as I did not order another charger. These batteries were listed at 280mah so just a hair more capacity than my existing V2cigs standard size auto. So lets see how long they take to get here from China and I will follow up with how these guys perform.
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