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My sister converted to vaping: just wanted to share :)

Published by Scootaloo in the blog Scootaloo's blog. Views: 75

So today, my sister has come up to visit me and my mum from London, my dads away working this week so couldn’t be here.

Anyway, I had been thinking about getting my sister a PV, and I had been planning how I was going to make it so she had any chance of sticking with it and not really being entirely confident my attempt at converting would work out.

But today, I got a nice surprise when I noticed she had bought herself a PV, and her fiancé has one to and she told me she’s given up smoking 7 weeks ago, and she says she smoked since but thinks vaping is nicer compared to smoking and she does after all have a place to get E-juice.

I'm rather happy to hear she's switched I just wanted to share with you all :)

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