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One vape at a time.

Published by cantmissamy in the blog My journey into becoming a non-smoker.. Views: 94

So today cut way back on the analogs, most mornings have 5 before work and leaving the house. Today had 2 before work, 2 total at work and so far 0 since getting home. Got new juice in today that I ordered not all of them will be in my rotation most of them will be put aside until my taste comes back or pif to another vaper at work. What really helped today was being around another vaper and discussing mods and juices. :) What really upset me the most at work today was being told that my mod was just as harmful at the analog and me trying to explain the difference in what I was not taking into my body. :mad:For once I wish people would get their facts straight before they make an opinion on vaping. :ohmy:
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