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ProTank II - How to tell a real from a fake

Published by Garemlin in the blog Garemlin's blog. Views: 158

Ok here you go. Lots of counterfeits and clones out there. And I have a perfect example for you. I bought two ProTank II's from a seller that a friend also bought. He got his the other day and said one leaked. I asked him if they were authentic. So I had him check the box and there was no authentication bar code on the box. First red flag. Well I got mine today. No bar code on the box either. Fortunately I have authentic ones so I could compare. So I can let everyone know how to spot a fake.

Look at the pic below.


  • First obvious difference is the authentic one has the KangerTech logo on the bottom part of the tank. The fake does not.

  • Second the knurling on the base is a different pattern

  • Third the fake is just a tiny bit shorter than the authentic.

  • Also the threading on the fake is much more rough than the authentic. The authentic base unscrews smoothly. The fake is kind of rough.

This story does have a happy ending. Both my friend and I contacted the seller. He was not aware they were not authentic. We were both refunded the purchase price and the vendor changed their listing to not made by "Kangertech".

If you did not know what to look for you may never even know you have a fake.

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