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Rewicking PT3/ Aerotank Heads Single coil with Micro coils and Cotton Part Three

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Alright, home stretch, and this is the part that's likely relevant to all of you that have rewicked a PT single coil with a Micro and cotton before....Normally, you'd only pull a small bit through, snip it off, and clean up the other side, and perhaps use a small cotton flavor wick on top.... well, in order to recoil a PT3 head into a single, at least in my experience thus far, you need that flavor wick to take up the extra space that the "top coil" in the PT head used to.

Instead of the small tuft we usually clean up and leave be, I found it was needed to pull through a longer bit (pic one) and then to take that longer end, and bring it over the top of the coil (pic two) Third pic is a side shot to show about how much you want to leave on the side:

Slip on the chimney and slide down the silicone grommet, then snip the other side to clean it up. Remember with cotton, too much can be a bad thing...

Finally, showing the final resistance of the build (Sadly, my Multimeter was acting fritzy this morning, so the Vamo was my tester for the resistance.) I double checked it on an MVP2 as well, with the same reading.

I tested this from 6watts up to 11watts, as well 3.7v to 4.2 volts on both the Vamo and the MVP2, as well as testing it on a fresh 18650 Sony VTC4 on a Nemesis... all tests had better flavor, vapor and throat hit compared to original PT3 coils. All tests were done with Nicoticket's H1N1 Tobacco liquid.

Original coils:
Vapor: 7
Flavor: 5 (maybe?)
Throat Hit: 5

Rebuilt coils:
Vapor: 8.5
Flavor: 7.5
Throat Hit: 7

I'd imagine someone already has a better way to do this, but for me, this was the best (and fastest way) for a solid rebuild, and is more user friendly than a super nano-dragon-howitzer-blow your head off coil. I was aiming for user friendly and ease here.... doesn't mean I won't try something completely weird now though!:vapor:
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