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So long analogs, I hardly miss you.

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I picked up smoking in college, Freshman year, 1981 and didn't quit until 1995 when I decided I wanted to see what my body could do while it could maybe still do it. I ran for the next 8 years, backpacked, hiked upwards of 30 miles a day in the mountains. I didn't think about cigarettes, they weren't part of who I was any longer.

Then came one of those life-changing stress situations, so I was smoking again in 2003, and all that fitness and conditioning slipped away. By Spring of 2007, I'd had enough again, and put down the cigarettes and for the next six months, I got myself back into some kind of decent condition, but sure enough... here came another one of those stressful life-events. So there I was, smoking again and getting in worse and worse shape.

Then came another life-changing event. In early August 2009, I discovered e-cigs. Over the next month my smoking dropped from 30 analogs/day down to 5 or 6.

Sometime late last Friday evening or early Saturday morning, I finally decided I didn't need the 5 or 6 analogs I was still smoking daily. I'm vaping and smoke-free.

Now I know that all those life-changing stress episodes we go through run their course, but I also know that when they happen, I smoke. Unfortunely, once the stressful situation has run it's course, the cigarettes are still there. Stress will keep happening from time to time. Whether I keep vaping, or quit vaping, I know that there's something else I can do instead of smoke when these stresses occur.

Will vaping save my life? I don't know, I've done some damage to my health and my risks going forward are greater than had I never smoked. But here's one thing that I know will not kill me:

Continuing to smoke.
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