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Taking a wild ride.

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The following is probably not news to anybody but me.

Think of me as riding the vaping short bus: I like simplicity. I'm never gonna be one who spends a lot of time on volts and amps and mahs and ohms. I have a lot of respect for those who can do the research, get the most out of their knowledge, and pass that on to me.
And thank goodness those guys are out there. The simple fact is, I don't know what most of it is...I just wanna vape.

Upon the strong recommendations of a couple of dear tech-type friends of mine, I recently invested in a ProVari variable voltage ecig. Known in the vernacular as a mod, this gem is billed as the ultimate in electronic cigarettes. If my Vapor4Life Diamond Batteries are the Cadillacs of the KR808 (and I believe they are) then this baby is a Ferrari of an ecig. A Lamborghini. An Aston Martin. My taste buds have stepped up from mundane transportation into the world of custom racing.

Although I ordered the basic brushed satin model, the ProVari is sleek and refined. As with many mods, it is larger than a regular ecig, running about 3/4 of an inch in diameter, and around 4 inches in length. Still, it doesn't feel the least unfeminine to me, even though it will not be mistaken for a regular cigarette. Its lighted button and display are red, a hit with me, since red is my favorite color.The red gives it a futuristic feel, much like a console on a space cruiser. It feels solid to the hand, resembling the feeling you get when you close the door on an upper end vehicle.

Where this unit excels, of course, is performance. I may not understand why it does what it does, but I most assuredly am enjoying the results. I can "dial up" a specific voltage, anywhere from 3.3 to 6.0, to complement the carto, atomizer, and/or juice I am using, and suit my own tastes. The rush is somewhat akin to hitting a curve just right in the little red sports car, and powering out on the correct trajectory to hit the next turn. Incomparable.

I'm discovering that all of my juices taste better when I find their sweet spot. I'm discovering that fruit e-juices are often better at a lower setting, while the "warmer" tasting juices like a higher voltage. I suspect that I may find juices that I did not like before to be not so bad, after all. All of my V4L juices have been enhanced by use of the ProVari.

I ordered an atomizer; this is my first experience with dripping. To have the ability to sample juices AND dial their sweet spots...I may have a very organic experience in the making.

And the darned thing is idiot tools required; even I, the village idiot, can operate it.

All is not rosy, of course. There is the price, which is...pricy. But, what kind of price do you put on this kind of quality?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must put on a silk scarf and go cruise around the Riviera. :2cool:
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