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The iClear 30. Tips and thoughts.

Published by SeniorBoy in the blog SeniorBoy's blog. Views: 203

I'm into day 6 of my iClear 30 and I am very surprised at some of the thoughts I read. This tank gets a lot of bad reviews and I understand why. To each his own choice but some of the reviews I have read really miss the point or are wrong! My observations:
- DO NOT fill past the 3 ML line. If you do this it will gurgle and leak!
- The tip is removable! It has an O ring!
- Firm put not tight when you assemble the iClear 30.
- Always clean it first before you use it out of the box. I use Wallgreens store brand denture cleaner. Made for plastic and it does a fine job.
- Fill and let it sit before you vape. Then press the fire button a few times to soak/burn the wicks. Then vape.
- The vape is outstanding! NO leaks after about 20 ML of juice. No gurgles! No dry hits!
- It sucks more ejuice than say a Kanger T2. Thats a FEATURE not a negative because it's dual coil. Thats what it's supposed to due. Thats a trade off for a better vape.
- It sucks more battery juice than say a Kanger T2. Thats an inherint trade off with a dual coil delivry systems. Make sure your bat can handle this or get a mod or a fully charged backup.
Happy vaping to all :)
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