The Last Word on Long-Term Storage of Nicotine Solutions

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I recently posted in a thread discussing long-term storage of nicotine solutions and it got me thinking that I should post something here on the topic. This is a bit of a repeat of a blog post I made some years ago, but it's been kinda buried under newer posts, so I figure it's time to resurrect it a newer post.

A lot of folks go to great pains to try to keep their DIY nicotine solutions from turning yellow. Much is speculated about the storage-life of these solutions. Is it one year, is it two years, what can be done to maximize the shelf-life?

You know what?

It doesn't really matter.

Consider this image:

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This is from my old buddy Exogenesis over in the U.K. He had a solution of pharma grade nicotine in PG as seen on the left. Looks great doesn't it?

He took this nice clean nicotine solution and put in an an auto-vaping apparatus he built and then used an electrostatic condenser he built to cause the resulting vapor to rapidly condense back to a liquid.

The image on the right shows what that nice clean nicotine solution on the left turned into after being vaped and re-condensed.


So here's the simply truth of the matter on storage of nicotine solutions:

It doesn't really matter.

Before your nice clean nicotine ever hits your mouth, you've already aged it more than years of storage ever could, just by firing up your atty.
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