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The latest from the Democrats waging war on E-cigs / Vaping, and a Smoker's right to a healthy life

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Democrat Senators introduce bill to limit advertising for electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) devices, aka e-cigarettes / personal vaporizers.

Millions of smoker's lives should be forfeit because of some theoretical risk that a child might experiment with something that is no more dangerous than the energy drinks they can purchase at any store today.

Here are some facts:

  • Approximately 43 million United States citizens have a smoking habit or dependency.
  • 400,000+ will die this year directly due to smoking or smoking related causes. (CDC projections)
  • 6 million will die worldwide (World Health Organization projections)
  • E-Cigarettes & "Vaping" can reduce that number beyond anyone's wildest imagination.
    99++ SAFER, up to 80% success rates to quitting smoking

Do NOT let a politician tell you, or that smoking loved one in your family they are not worthy of living a full & healthy life because of a theoretical risk a child could taste something that causes no harm!

Help stop the war on a smoker's choice to health and life!

The following letter in response to the Democrat Senators most recent attack on vaping, was written by a fellow member, MikeNice81, who turns out to be a Wordsmith Maestro!

This letter to his Senator hits on, and squarely addresses the total lack of rational thought, scientific data, and is contrary to the most recent data from studies & research from the CDC and University of Michigan - all for the purported mantra of 'save the children''

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