bemorphy May 24, 2012
I got the version without the clips. Been a big wishy washy. Went from dry hits to tidalwave and same leaking around bottom and top cap filling up with juice.
Here is what I did.
First try thicker juice with more vg. I was doing 70/30 and went to 50/50 and it seemed to work better.
I finally took it apart and saw that the bottom seal around the air stem and connector was ripped, and that is why it was leaking into my batt connector.
SO I took it all apart and put in a new seal from a ce2 clearomizer, cut the clearomizer air tube short to match the lenght of the original. Long story short, it is equipped with the clearomizer workings. Smaller air tube, different wicking.

I was about t trash the thing and now it works better than new. No dry hits, no gurgling, no leaking, no tidal wave, just nice vapor. It is way more consistent in how it works now and that makes all the difference in the world, no more fiddling with it.