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v4l Christmas sale....hmmmmm

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So I got all excited when I saw v4l was having these great sales everyday for Christmas, well 12 days..whatever.. I've only ever purchased cartos from there before and have been wanting to try their juices. I saw that they had some juices on sale for 75%off, only certain flavors. I ordered 3 bottles, these are 30ml, which would last me a while, if I even liked them enough to go through the whole bottle.. Anyway, I got root beer float, lemon butterscotch and white chocolate strawberry. When they arrived the other day I opened the package and took them out.... Looking over the bottle I noticed that all of them have a production date and an expiration date... 2 of them were produced in January and 1 in March, and their expiration dates are January and March of 2012 (in a few months). I was much annoyed at this... I'm sure they wont turn into poison after the expiration date, and it was a good deal, but why wouldn't they just say, "Hey! We have a bunch of juice that's going out of date soon and wanna get rid of it so we'll give you 75%off!" ???? I have so many different kinds of juice that I really doubt I'll even get through these by January, If I would have know this I probably wouldn't have gotten them.. Also they have a bunch of batteries on sale, but they are all automatic.. I hate automatic batteries. I was hoping for some manual ones.. but nope.. :( Well ok, that's my rant for

Update on the 3 "sale" juices from v4l:
I have tried 2 of these now...
My verdict- GROSS!
The white chocolate strawberry tasted like rotten fruit mixed with vomit. I'm sorry but that's the only way to describe it. YUCK!
The rootbeer float tasted really strange. Not rootbeer float at all, just kind of a bitter licorice mixed with old milk taste.. gross...
After trying those 2 and smelling the lemon butterscotch I decided I couldn't put myself through trying this last one. It smelled awful! They all went directly to the trash can.
I don't think I'm going to be getting juice from there again. I gave it a try and maybe I just got the worst of the worst this time around but I'm not gonna take another chance and risk wasting more money. I'm gonna stick with my go-to site. (TVR)
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  • esloan
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