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Vaping...Round 2

Published by pipster in the blog pipster's blog. Views: 79

So my first vaping journey in 2011 was short lived. I had the Bloog Max Fusion and it was a journey of constant fiddling, refilling cartos, recharging, recharging, recharging, and crappy prefilled carto flavors.. and mess.
I am happy to say that round deux has been a much more rewarding and satisfying alternate to smoking cigs. Wow.. there has really been some leaps and bounds of progression in e cigs since 2011! It is still not without some fiddling but, I can deal with it. I am over the need of a "cig-like" feeling ecig.. short battery life and not satisfying in other areas. That has been the biggest leap for me in finding vaping a satisfying alternate to smoking. I've moved on to bigger, longer lasting batteries and clearos (which advanced vapers may snicker at) but it works for me at this time. I have the ITVV3's, PT2 minis, Iclear 16's and am happy with them for now. Better juice options, less refilling, less mess, less charging= more actual vape enjoyment time and less frustration, which means smoking analogs is no longer in the forefront of my mind.
I quit the stinkies Jan 1st 2014 and today marks 2 months, and it's also my birthday today. Still vaping strong, cutting down on my nicotine levels successfully. I am quite happy with where I am at in general. Not every day is a perfect vaping day, but every day I don't smoke IS a perfect day. It all balances out.
Keep up the good work staying off the stinkies friends! Thanks to all for the mountains of helpful information here @ ECF, the camaraderie and support.
Vape strong!:vapor:
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