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What a differnce 12 hours make

Published by WolfeReign in the blog Howl'n From the Den. Views: 17

So last night i was as giddy as a kid in a candy store, and thought i was in my room with the Ego, i was nervous to use it. Why? wish i could tell you. It was not like the coffee maker was going to sudden look at me saying "dude! you are like so doing it wrong!" or the walls start talking saying they needed a nic coating fix on them.....
Feel free to correct me if i ever use the wrong terminology....i welcome it, seeing as how else does one learn? That being said i picked up the ego and thought to myself about going for broke. I put it to my lips and started the journey into breaking away from a bad habit.......
I was using the (i believe) low restriction tip (it is the one that had the "cotton" like stuff in it) and filled it the way i was told with a juice called desert (as a side note; this one is mild with a nice after taste of some type of fruit). But i noticed that every time i vapped it, my mouth got so dry i could not swallow..which could have lead to a mild anxiety attack, but taking a sip of my coffee it went away.
I thought maybe it was just the juice, so i switched to a clean and new canter, but used a juice called apple pie (smells just like warm apple pie baking and tastes like warm cinnamon rolls) but again i had that instant dry mouth -- cannot swallow issue.
A quick thought occurred to me, which was though the ego i was told had a 12second shut off, i was trying to take the whole 12 seconds, and i was trying to vape like i was smoking a traditional cigarette (two no no's right there).
Sipping my coffee i took continued to use the full 12 seconds, but i sat the Ego down beside me, and took more time between the use. It worked, but something seemed to be lacking....i was not sure what it was. I mean i got partial taste, though the wonderful scent was there.....
Almost as if my head was being turned by the hand of the smoking deity nicotinerus (as described in the mighty book of Tobacco) i looked at my traditional pack of smokes which sat by the ego parts.
Curiosity struck me as i picked up the high res canter, popped the top off and looked. Oddly there was none of this cotton like stuff, and the mouth piece was way longer.
To the Google-mobile juice boy! i looked up and down on Google trying to figure out what it was. When i got a hit about something called "dripping" on you tube i was curious, and watched with intent.
Grabbing the apple pie juice i used 5 drops, then carefully but the ego back together.
It seemed easy enough. Put it to my lips, press the button to fire up the manual battery, then inhale. I had water, coffee, and power aid beside me just in case....Yeah i wondered about it and felt nervous....I was a dripping virgin (pardon the bad pun here, and it is not meant how it looks).
Shrugging my shoulders and saying out loud to me and the four walls (and yes the coffee pot) Here we go for broke!
Sweet mother purr! Ladies and gentleman...i have smoked Camel no-filter smokes, i have slugged back packs of Expor-A green pack's, i have huffed on some pretty heavy duty cigars, and yes a pipe packed with strong tobacco with little effect, yet when i took that first long vape with the apple pie i coughed and had a tear in my eye.
But you know what? I did not have the cotton mouth effect. I had a very lovely flavor in my mouth.......i was again giddy as anything with a smile on my face. Six hours later i was prime! i had not touched my remaining traditional smokes, i felt like i had a bit more energy.....and most important....i did not feel so down in the dumps, even when i went to bed i slept for about 7 and 1/2 hours (very rare for this insomniac). When i woke up in the morning i grabbed the ego and vaped. I felt very good. I have read that some people do not feel the effects like this till much later, some feel it right away....either way it was awesome!
then......a situation mindset floated into consciousness and i put down the ego, went and bought a pack of my second traditional cigarette, and i felt run stomach turned, and the old down in the dumps i had at the same time yesterday flooded back. You know what though? It is going to take time to completely shift over i imagine. But i am not going to be too hard on myself for it, i found something i liked and i am going to stick with it.
I never though once in my life there was something i wanted to stick with, but ladies and gentleman this would be it. There is comfort in the fact knowing that countless men and women have been at the start where i am now, and they have continued with awesome success. Having a support system like this, with knowledge and humor how can anyone not get "hooked"?
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