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Why do I say "In my opinion..." when rating a battery?

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Because there are no absolutes when it comes to battery testing and battery ratings. The same "20A" battery, using the exact same test data, could be rated at anywhere from below 10A to above 40A. No one can look at the test data and give you "the" one and only battery rating.

If a company thinks that its batteries should last 2,000 cycles then that "20A" battery could be rated at only 10A. If they don't care how long the battery lasts and just want the highest performance from it they might rate it at 40A. All those ratings use the same test data. But each tester or company has their own opinion of what's important.

I base my methods of setting a rating on those used by Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic/Sanyo. This allows for easy comparison of the batteries I test against batteries from these companies.

To help prevent confusion though I am removing "In my opinion..." from the Bottom Line section of all future test reports. In each test report's disclaimer I state that my ratings are my opinion so it was redundant to say that elsewhere too.

Because the same battery can be given a wide range of ratings it's important to find a tester you trust. Look at their test results, ask questions! Do they test each battery the same way? Do they tell you what criteria they use when setting ratings? Do they measure temperature? All these are critical for determining a battery's rating.
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