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WTA - What it is & What it isn't

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Recently, I've noted some confusion about whole tobacco alkaloids and particularly whole tobacco alkaloid e-liquids.

What is WTA? What is a WTA e-liquid?

WTA is simply the product of a difficult and involved extraction and cleanup of whole tobacco. It contains approximately 95% nicotine and 5% combined minor tobacco alkaloids. It contains nothing else. During the extraction process, tobacco alkaloids and a good bit of other undesirable material is extracted from the tobacco. It is the cleanup process that isolates and purified the tobacco alkaloids from the undesirable material. Chemically speaking, the cleanup process is designed to isolate nitrogeneous bases from the tobacco matrix. Tobacco alkaloids fall into this category.

WTA e-liquid is simply an e-liquid containing WTA diluted to a vapable concentration. Attempting to vape WTA in it's isolated form would certainly make one quite sick and possibly be deadly. This is no different than pure nicotine. In some cases, the WTA e-liquid will contain only WTA diluted to a vapable concentration, and in other cases, the WTA e-liquid will contain some WTA and some added nicotine. Both approaches are valid and some prefer one approach versus the other.

So what isn't WTA? NETs are not WTA. I prefer to call NETs by the term I've always called them by: Soaks. So much solvent (say PG) must be used to extract the tobacco that any tobacco alkaloids extracted by the soak will be at such low concentrations once diluted to a vapable concentration, that the alkaloids will be technically "there", but practically not there. This doesn't even address the issue of how well a material like PG can pull alkaloids out of tobacco... not well, I suspect.
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