14500 3.7V 750mAh vs. 18650 3.7V 3000mAh

Discussion in 'Battery Issues' started by spriddle, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. spriddle

    spriddle Full Member

    Can these batteries be interchanged in some of the tube mods like the ProVape? Just wondering. I know the larger mAh batteries (such as 2000+) are suppose to last longer but not sure if they will interchange with the 650 and 750 mAh's without doing any damage to the device.
  2. Timothy Cullen

    Timothy Cullen Super Member ECF Veteran

  3. spriddle

    spriddle Full Member

    Thanks. I was under the impression that these were the same size: (AA size). I'll check out your link.
  4. spriddle

    spriddle Full Member

    So would this battery be ok to use in place of a 750mAh. No way I want to damage anything but I would like to get few more hours use between charging.
  5. Timothy Cullen

    Timothy Cullen Super Member ECF Veteran

    in truth if it fits its not gonna hurt the mod. the mah just refers to mili amps per hour. usually rule of thumb is 100 mili amps equals 1 hour of use. some get more some get less it just depends. but its not gonna hurt the mod at all just give it better run time. even the ampereage shouldnt hurt the mod as long as the switch is rated right.

    im not sure if it fits then yes it would work its still a 3.7v batt but becuase of the 4mm in diameter if its a 14500 specific mod im not sure... anyways what mod is that your using becuase that also plays alot into it.
  6. spriddle

    spriddle Full Member

    I have a ProVape-1. It usually lasts around 8 hours give or take. Not too big of a deal but it would really be nice if I had a battery that would last all day. Plus the cold temp. seems to drain it a little more as well or I'm just thinking it does. No way I want to damage my ProVape but I'm always looking for anything that might improve something.
  7. Vapenstein

    Vapenstein Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    People report great success with high drain 14500s. Don't let the lower mah rating fool you. They perform like fresh til they're almost depleted, according to others. I got an 18650 mod before I had a chance to order any.
  8. Liv2Ski

    Liv2Ski Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Spriddle I use the AW 14500's listed on the Provape site. IMO they are much better than the standard batts and deliver consistent power throughout the drain cycle. No matter which type the 14500 is still a "small" (sub 1000mah) battery and with heavy vaping and driving LR atty's I get about 4 - 5 hours off a charge.
  9. spriddle

    spriddle Full Member

    Thanks Liv, I have the AW batteries as well. And I use the LR 510 atty's. I usually get around 8 hrs with mine though. Guess I should be really happy with this. I mainly asked out of curiousity and the fact that I'm always interested in making something better if I can. Sometimes it ends up going the wrong direction so I try to ask questions first now. LOL!!

    But thanks guys for all the info. It has definitely helped me out. I've also done other reading on the matter. Your posts helped.
  10. mdocod

    mdocod Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Are you using IMR14500s from AW or his protected (black label) LiCo cells?
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