20 new flavors!!!

Discussion in 'Freedom Smoke USA' started by im2starcrazy4u, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. im2starcrazy4u

    im2starcrazy4u Moved On


    Apricot Stone Sour
    Based off the classic drink

    A tropical burst of flavor

    Blueberry Cobbler
    Irresistible just like grandma used to make

    Chocolate Cake
    Warm, right out of the oven taste

    Chocolate Caramelnut
    A brownie lover’s dream

    Pear with a kick of spice

    Coconut Cookie

    Watch out Girl Scouts!


    Fruity Explosion!

    Cuban Passion
    A sweet and tart tobacco flavor

    Pina Fresa

    A nice fruity blend; not too strong

    Mango Sour

    A Mango taste sure to make you pucker

    Minty Fresh
    breath of fresh air with a minty after taste

    Misty Melon

    A refreshing rush of melon that instantly soothes and relaxes you


    A sweet candy like fruity flavor

    Sour Peach

    A new peachy twist for all you peach lovers

    Spiked Lemonade

    Enjoy this spiked treat without having to wait until 5pm

    Peachy Melon

    A sweet refreshing blast of summer

    Peppermint Cream
    A creamy minty treat


    A healthy burst of flavor


    As Del would say “It’s like a party in my mouth!”

  2. Loveridden

    Loveridden Vaping Master Verified Member

    Wow awesome new flavors!! :)
  3. Karlproxima

    Karlproxima Full Member

    Hmmmmmmm... I think I'll have to try some of those real soon. :)
  4. maureengill

    maureengill Moved On

    Grr....I see some coconut cookie, minty fresh, and peppermint cream in my next order....any input on the blueberry cobbler?
  5. CathyfromOhio

    CathyfromOhio Senior Member

    Peachy Melon sounds the best to me. Coconut Cookie close second.
  6. rahn

    rahn Super Member Verified Member

    Cinnapear and Banango...OH! and Cuban Passion!
  7. mauisun

    mauisun Forum Supplier

    as always, they are awesome. the cobblers always remind me of fresh cobbler, the tasty treats I love so much :)
  8. div

    div Ultra Member Verified Member

    I see alot there to add to my wish list.
  9. Anaconda

    Anaconda Senior Member

    Oh Can I just say that I also noticed you now carry Whiskey! Yay!!! you have made me a happy man. I can now enjoy the pleasures of the flavor without being worried about being pulled over with a DUI!!! LOL
  10. vaporgalinfla

    vaporgalinfla Supplier Associate

    Peppermint cream sounds yummy!
  11. mauisun

    mauisun Forum Supplier

    very good flavors both of those...
  12. vaporgalinfla

    vaporgalinfla Supplier Associate

    I placed an order tonight! In addition to flavors that we're running low on, I ordered Peppermint Cream, CinnaPear, and Creme Brulee. Can't wait to try them!
  13. mauisun

    mauisun Forum Supplier

    excellent you will love them :)
  14. mauisun

    mauisun Forum Supplier

    New Flavors

    Grape Aide
    MMMMMM...... Grape :)

    Orange Aide
    A citrus blast to get you goin for the day!

    Strawberry Kiwi Aide
    Rehydrate yourself with this fruity vape!

    Sour Blast
    Would you like to try a blast of this sour flavor?

    Strawberry Shortcake
    Good to the last drop!
  15. Elphaba13

    Elphaba13 Moved On

    Orange aide sounds good.
  16. mauisun

    mauisun Forum Supplier

    New Flavors

    Berry White
    Cant get enough of your vape, Babe

    Blue Dew
    Mtn. Dude with a shocking attitude

    Island Paradise
    A sweet, fruity blend of flavors that will have you wanting to go back to the islands

    Max Smooth
    A mixture of selected tobacco and menthol flavors

    Mint Chip Ice Cream
    Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream... 'nuff said

    L<3VE-A-Bull (ONLY available in the stores)
    It's a delicious fruit mix. Sweet, like a pit bulls love! Never let's you down[/SIZE]
  17. mauisun

    mauisun Forum Supplier

    More New Flavors
    Dragon’s Breath
    M.D. Pepper
    Frutti Pebblez
  18. Princessa

    Princessa Super Member

    I see a kon tikki on the site, but not the others yet - descriptions??? :)
  19. vaporgalinfla

    vaporgalinfla Supplier Associate

    Princessa - The other flavors are on the site now. I decided to order Luv-A-Bull since I love Pit Bulls. :)
  20. Princessa

    Princessa Super Member

    Wow... you'll have to report on what it is... I've luv'd several myself (never co-habitated, but definitely in love with a few!), but not sure I'd wanna vape one LOL

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