4 weeks smoke free

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by TheMuppet, May 4, 2012.

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  1. TheMuppet

    TheMuppet Senior Member

    i cant believe its been 4 weeks already ... I'll Vape to that ... for those new people wanting to quit analogs, vaping is the future
  2. Filibuster

    Filibuster Super Member Verified Member

    Congrats! One month is no small feat. I just passed 2 months a couple of days ago, and didn't even realize it as I was too busy vaping my face off. Keep at it!
  3. ency

    ency Full Member

    Congrats! I'm only on day seven but must say switching to vaping has smoothed the transition more than I would have believed.
  4. Cormac

    Cormac Full Member Verified Member

    Congrats! I start vaping (and quit smoking) almost half a year ago. Unbelivable how easy it was, after more than 25 years of smoking. You right, vaping is the future ...
  5. RockinRay

    RockinRay Senior Member Verified Member

    Wow! Congrats!

    I can't wait until I hit that 4 week mark. It is on the way...
  6. YoureFired

    YoureFired Ultra Member Verified Member

    Day 6 here and I'm basically still watching the minutes pass and counting the hours.

    4 weeks is amazing.. Kudos.
  7. Sonar505

    Sonar505 Senior Member Verified Member

    Congrats and welcome I also just hit my first month. pretty amazing how much easier it has been with vaping compared to anything else I have ever tried.
  8. Beans

    Beans Ultra Member Verified Member

    Congratulations!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!
  9. TheMuppet

    TheMuppet Senior Member

    yes i have tried the patches to no avail, gave up and went back too analogs,years later kinda stumbled onto vaping, and havent looked back ... the transition has been pretty much seamless for me .. and i love the tastes of different juices..
  10. YoureFired

    YoureFired Ultra Member Verified Member

    TheMuppet -- What vaping device do you use?
  11. VTAK8K

    VTAK8K Senior Member

    I've been off analogs for over 6 months now. It gets easier every day. I can now even see a future where I put down the PV, that's a long way off but definitely a possibility.
  12. ManuDawg

    ManuDawg Vape Proud Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Wow, congrats TheMuppet that's great!

    And congrats to Filibuster, Ency, You'reFired, RockinRay and Sonar505! Way to go! :thumbs:
  13. TheMuppet

    TheMuppet Senior Member

    Man everyone here is soo cool, and its encouraging to find places dig around in , ask questions, and get information.. i found that my vaping has a huge side effect on me .. i am a becoming a post whore.....lol
  14. YoureFired

    YoureFired Ultra Member Verified Member

    Thanks, ManuDawg. I just hope I don't become one of those ex-smoker a**hats who thinks they're better than everyone (especially smokers), just because they conquered smoking and are now somehow above it all. Ex-smokers can be such ****s.
  15. TheMuppet

    TheMuppet Senior Member

    I have an volcano inferno (ego-c?) and use clearomizers with it.. already looking into getting a Lavatube for the varible voltage... but i have been more then happy vaping with what i have now.. its taken awhile to sort out juice i like because as my tastebuds recover, i dont want that analog taste i was looking for at first ..
  16. Mikeborggaard

    Mikeborggaard Full Member

    Congratulations!!!!!! Keep up The good job
  17. YoureFired

    YoureFired Ultra Member Verified Member

    Wow, the Infernos look HOT! But yeah, I'm also looking into upgrading to either the LavaTube or the ProVari myself. I'm tired of constantly refilling and replacing the clearomizers. The performance just goes downhill after just a day or so until I put in a new clearomizer. The eGo batteries have been great, actually. I alternate two on charge while two in use.
  18. Mikeborggaard

    Mikeborggaard Full Member

    Congratulations!!!!!! Keep up The good job
  19. potholerepairman

    potholerepairman Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    TheMuppet , back in my day you had to find a pet store with fill and a juice that would not burn your insides like a thermo nuclear burrito on cinco de mayo from a roach coach truck before noon.It was so hard getting off the smokes they had a circle of want and faith that both didn't have answers.Just kidding it was so easy to switch it felt criminal and perverted in every way.Congrats to you and every one who has an open mind, when you find something better you move on.I know I did and may your vaping keep going , it is the promised land.I am a rookie in the sense that the new devices have only meaning in picture form,the only thing suggested by me is do not buy for tommorrow as your wants needs and desires will change, not in a bad way but why be a packrat.Enjoy.
  20. blocsin

    blocsin Full Member Verified Member

    Supporting member

    14th day analog free for me. Longest ever since I started smoking cigarettes some 30+ years ago. Don't know if I would have quit smoking cigarettes if I didn't discover vaping...probably not. Keep up the good work!
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