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Discussion in 'Ecigg' started by Vwls, Feb 19, 2014.

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    I was very fortunate to win a contest a few days ago here in the Ec!gg sub-forum. As if that wasn't awesome enough, today I received 13 specially blended bottles of juice (talk about fast service!) in the mail, each carefully crafted to my nic level and PG/VG ratio request.

    I have not had time obviously to taste all of these, and I imagine some need to steep a bit before they reach "maturity," but I will say that I am enjoying Bananas Foster right now - yummy!

    Super impressed with this company, not just for bringing fun to ECF, but for excellent customer service and attention to detail.

    Thank you Ec!gg - you have earned a loyal customer.:banana::thumb::toast::vapor::)
  2. ec!gg

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    Thanks so much glad you like the juices!!
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