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Discussion in 'New Members Information' started by xg4bx, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. xg4bx

    xg4bx Moved On ECF Veteran

    I've been at this a few months and have come to the conclusion that nothing out there tastes like a cig. nothing. yes the tobacco juices taste good but they're nothing like cigs.

    i think smokers taste buds are so deadened that they only think cigs taste good. They don't. I've smoked a few recently and they tasted exactly like the way an overfilled ashtray smells.

    If you're new at this or are considering getting into e-smoking, just know that you probably won't match the taste of your favorite cigs. I would actually suggest that newbs try starting out with richer flavors such as coffee or vanilla.
  2. benman

    benman Full Member

    I totally agree. Analogs are nasty once you start to get your tastebuds back. And with all the yummy flavors out there why would you want something that tastes like burning? :)
  3. mudboy

    mudboy Senior Member ECF Veteran

    One thing i have noticed is with Tobbacco flavors out there, alot of them consist of the taste that resemmbles the smell of a freshly opened pack of analogs. I don't care what anyone says but that smell is greaat!!!. I also agree after vaping for about a month and half I have no desire to find a juice that taste like analog smoke. I love alot of the tobbaco flavors I have tried though, they all have that "ressemblence" taste.
  4. MarkBarney

    MarkBarney Full Member

    I wholeheartedly agree. Everyone always asks... "is there one that just tastes like tobacco?" No! You don't want tobacco. TRUST ME. After you've been vaping for a while tobacco just tastes GROSS.
  5. SpeakerPlayNet

    SpeakerPlayNet Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Also keep in mind that this is probably the best tool to come along to help one quit smoking if that's your goal. Stop worrying about matching the taste and just try flavors till you find what you like, but keep at it. At least you can still draw and puff and even holding it provides a lot of satisfaction. You can't drive and smoke with a patch. Once you find those flavors you like you'll lose that desire for the harsh stuff - remember there are other chemicals you are addicted to in Tcigs (traditional cigs) and you are going to be going through that withdrawal for awhile. You are getting your nicotine fix - but nothing is replacing those other chemicals (and that's a great thing). I think the flavor idea someone posted here is a great tip - I started with something that was tobacco light and didn't really like it, then tried other flavors and now I love it.

  6. Curlygirl27

    Curlygirl27 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    When I started out... I didn't try tobacco 'cos i didn't think it would be the same (and from what i read on here it isn't). I tried smoky flavors like applewood and hawaiian mesquite to give me that sort of harshness akin to the th i got from cigarettes and that seemed to work for me. Strangely, menthol flavors do the trick for me too (was NOT a menthol smoker) and am now vaping all kinds of nifty and delicious flavors.
  7. spsellars

    spsellars Full Member

    Agreed. I absolutely despised menthol cigarettes of any kind, but I've found some menthol juices to be very agreeable and obviously add TH when you've craving it.
  8. nubee

    nubee Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    You can get some of that tobacco flav by mixing up your own using Tobacco Absolute and Ethal Malto.

    Perfumers Apprentice has some already premixed with PG and even a tobacco blend that is TA+EM+PG.

    Still not 100% analog taste but the tobacco is in there.

    Carefull... TA is VERY strong: 1/2ml to 5ml base at the most.
  9. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    I found a tobacco ejuice that actually tastes/smells more like cocoa than tobacco to me (Backwoods Brew Casablanca) but it was the first juice I tried that really left me feeling satisfied, and actually after fewer puffs than with other juices. There's just something about the body of the vapor and the TH and just the amount of aroma that felt good.

    For the OP, I don't think it's that bad to try tobacco flavors while you're kicking the analogs. Just don't get discouraged if the carts that came with your rig or the first several juices you buy don't hit the spot for you. I am definitely going to try vanilla - just ordered some Backwoods Vanilla, but I think in my first week off analogs, even an ejuice similarity to tobacco helps me feel sated.
  10. SonOfAries

    SonOfAries Full Member

    I agree, nothing has the same taste as analogs and I can honestly say I have never tasted any juice that is worse than analogs.
  11. Led Zaper

    Led Zaper Full Member

    Dekang Cigar tastes a bit nasty like real cigs. MadVapes.
  12. LesStrater

    LesStrater Full Member

    That doesn't surprise me. The main flavoring in a Marlboro is chocolate, so if you start with that flavor you're half way there. I mix the chocolate flavor from FSUSA with some tobacco and menthol flavoring to get as close as I can to a Marlboro Menthol.

    Otherwise, the only way to get a true cigarette taste is to steep some used cigarette butts in VG... (No, I have never tried this. LOL)
  13. Toritha

    Toritha Senior Member ECF Veteran

    roflmao ok this is too funny and now you know someone is going to try it haha
  14. DocWyatt

    DocWyatt Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    One thing about the "taste" of analogs is that once you vape a lot - you can actually taste the chemicals in them. I believe this is what people crave - even though it tastes horrible. Your brain has associated this with nico high, and therefore you crave it.

    I still puff some analogs and the bitter chemical taste is rather obvious...
  15. WomanOfHeart

    WomanOfHeart Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I mixed up my own version of RY4 and I love it! It uses a PG Cocoa tobacco, caramel, English Toffee and Marshmallow flavors. I also have another favorite that uses Dark Vapure, caramel and banana. Delicious!
  16. smilyblue

    smilyblue Senior Member ECF Veteran

    When I first tried ecigs I too was looking for that analog taste as well but after 20 days of being analog free, I am experimenting with different flavors. I never thought that maple pancakes would become one of my favorite ejuices especially while I drink my coffee in the morning. I also like to vape my menthol at night with a beer :) Vaping is a lot more fun then standing on the back porch in the freezing cold smoking-burning 4000 smelly chemicals :/
  17. Raynen

    Raynen Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    That sounds so amazing! :D
  18. warbdan

    warbdan Super Member ECF Veteran

    Cuban Cigar flavor is pretty strong as is Tobacco Absolute. I agree about the tobacco flavors resembling a freshly opened pack of cigarettes. That's what I took from them too. They don't taste or smell like burning tobacco, they taste and smell like the tobacco itself.
  19. DaveP

    DaveP PV Master & Musician ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I've tried quite a few juices and the Backwoods Brew 555 is the most like an analog I've tried. That said, I also like their Applewood Tobacco and their Malty Toffee. The juices are amazingly flavorful, more flavorful than any I've tried, and the vapor is cloud like. All that and they don't make my mucous membranes dry out and shrivel up like a prune! They contain PG and VG in a mix that is just right for great taste and great flavor.

    Vaping is much more tasty than smoking an analog but I haven't completely kicked the habit. I still smoke about 7 to 10 analogs a day. They taste crappy but there's something I want in the smoke. Supposedly, it's MAO inhibitors that satisfy you and produce the calm feeling. I decided when I started vaping that I wouldn't quit immediately, but taper down and quit over time. I went from over 40 a day to 10 the first week haven't been below 6. Still, that's an improvement and I'm convinced that I will drop them completely eventually.
  20. thewomenfolk

    thewomenfolk Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    My favorite tobacco flavor was RUYAN but they don't make it any more. And China's changed all the recipes for their great tobacco flavors and I don't like them much anymore. Don't vape Vanilla, it's not good for you. Neither are the cinnamon flavors. They'll do you harm. My very favorite ejuice came in the Njoy carts when I first started vaping and was called 'Traditional', but they don't make it in ejuice, darn it all anyhow.
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