ABS Box vs Aluminum Box

Discussion in 'Battery Mods' started by dw75, Apr 29, 2014.

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  1. dw75

    dw75 Full Member Verified Member

    So...I've gotten the itching to build a box mod and I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on using an ABS plastic project box as opposed to an Aluminum project box. Are there any +'s or -'s for either in a box mod application?

    I know that ABS can break easier than aluminum. But then aluminum is going to be heavier.

    I was thinking of doing a DNA chip with 1-2 18650's. Nothing terribly fancy...just functional.
  2. asdaq

    asdaq Vaping Master Verified Member

    My vote: Aluminum > ABS

    Even though you are going to use electronics with wiring involved, you can use a common ground with alu and have a better seated connector. Both probably scratch the same, but ABS will never be shiny. Have a look at the Billet Box and imagine the same thing in ABS. There is more romance in metal.
  3. Nomoreash

    Nomoreash Vaping Master Verified Member

    I would go with Aluminum also if you have the tools to work with it. ABS is easier with cutting display windows, drilling holes plus any modification that might need to be in the box.
  4. dw75

    dw75 Full Member Verified Member

    The tools factor was one of my thoughts. I don't have a drill press, just a cordless one. I figure that would get ugly quick.

    I DO like the look of the Billet though. Something like that might be down the road if this first one doesn't blow up. :)
  5. asdaq

    asdaq Vaping Master Verified Member

  6. dw75

    dw75 Full Member Verified Member

    I think I might try that. What would you say about cutting a display window or charge port? Drill a hole(s) then file?
  7. asdaq

    asdaq Vaping Master Verified Member

    Exactly. Those red handled diamond needle files are great for that. The 5 set is plenty. Should be about 2.99, but I'm not sure where.

  8. kaddigart

    kaddigart Senior Member

    A center punch can help tremendously with wandering holes...also use a very small bit (3/32 or smaller) to drill a pilot hole. Personally I've never been able to create a perfectly squared hole in anything but wood. Then again, the more I try more true they become.

    A rotary tool is invaluable in these scenarios, and the diamond bits for them are cheap enough to make a few practice runs. That being said, Hammond makes ABS equivalents of almost all their aluminum boxes. You could always use the ABS as a prototype before risking the pricier metal one.
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