Alabama Still At IT!!!! HB383 and SB197/198

Discussion in 'Legislation News' started by Huntsvappin, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Huntsvappin

    Huntsvappin Moved On ECF Veteran

    Looks Like Alabama is still at it!!!

    Not only is there still two bills in committee SB197/198 there is a new bill in the House HB383. Almost identical to SB197/198

    ere is another Representative to Email and Call.

    (4) E-CIGARETTE. Any electronic oral device, such as one composed of a heating element and a battery or electronic circuit, or both, which provides a vapor of nicotine or any other substance, and the use or inhalation of which simulates smoking. The term shall include any such device, whether manufactured, distributed, marketed, or sold as an e-cigarette, e-cigar, e-pipe, or under any other product name or descriptor.


    (17) SMOKE or SMOKING. The act of inhaling, exhaling, burning, carrying, holding, or possessing any lighted or heated tobacco product including, but not limited to, cigars, cigarettes, or pipes, or any other lighted or heated smoking equipment or device containing any weed, plant, or other combustible substance. "Smoking" also includes the use of e-cigarettes and any oral smoking device for the purpose of circumventing the prohibition of smoking in this act.

    Here is The Representative Info:


    [TABLE="class: outer_border, width: 100%"]
    [TD="width: 33%"]Room 421
    11 S. Union Street
    Montgomery, AL 36130
    (334) 242-7682[/TD]
    [TD="width: 20%"]
    Home Address:

    District Office:
    [TD="width: 30%"]60 Indian Forest Trace
    Indian Springs, AL. 35124

    1134 County Services Drive
    Pelham, AL 35124
    [TD]District Phone:
    District Fax:[/TD]
    [TD](205) 620-6610
    (205) 620-6611[/TD]

  2. Bill Godshall

    Bill Godshall Executive Director
    Smokefree Pennsylvania
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    HB 383 has been referred to the House Health Committee

    Welcome to the Alabama State Legislature

    12. HEALTH

    Jim McClendon, Chair; Mike Millican, Vice Chair, Johnny Mack Morrow, Ranking Minority Member; Elaine Beech, Donnie Chesteen, Berry Forte, Laura Hall, Ed Henry, Ron Johnson, John Knight, Paul Lee, Becky Nordgren, James Patterson, Allen Treadaway, April Weaver.
  3. Vocalek

    Vocalek CASAA Activist ECF Veteran

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    When you write, tell them that the last sentence of Definition (17) SMOKE or SMOKING falsely defines "smoking" as including the use of smokefree e-cigarettes. Therefore, ask them to amend Definition (17) SMOKE or SMOKING to change the last sentence to read, "E-cigarettes do not produce smoke."
  4. Jacinda222

    Jacinda222 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    The CASAA Call to Action has been updated with info for the House bill and Committee.

    Alabama Call to Action
  5. CES

    CES optimistic cynic Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    thank you!

    I faxed a letter to McClurkin, and last some of the other house health committee members got snail mail packets from me ....i suppose I'll have to send 'em again.

    right now we're fighting the city, the senate, and the house.
  6. CES

    CES optimistic cynic Verified Member ECF Veteran

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  7. rothenbj

    rothenbj Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    CES, great letter and it sure brought out the smokers and the valid points about the junk science about ETS.
  8. sonicdsl

    sonicdsl Reviewers Mgr
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    Nice job CES. IMO the first few replies distract from your point though. :( They should have done their own editorial on the merits, or lack thereof, of the second-hand smoke issue. The point you were making gets lost in that crap. But - JMO, I could be wrong. :D
  9. dlsw

    dlsw Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nice use of the vocab word 'scintilla'! Great letter overall.
  10. CES

    CES optimistic cynic Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    thank Gregory for 'scintilla'. It is a good word :D
  11. Huntsvappin

    Huntsvappin Moved On ECF Veteran


    Great job with the letter! Any ideas yetwhen they will rerelease the ordinance for review?
  12. CES

    CES optimistic cynic Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    no idea. However a friend read the letter to the editor and talked about it with a friend of hers who's an assistant to one of the council members. the assistant knows someone who uses an e-cig, and said they're aware that e-cigs don't belong in the ordinance, and that they've gotten a lot of letters and emails. The assistant expected the ordinance to be modified (fingers crossed). Thank you to everyone who's written and keep those cards and letter coming please

    someone made a great comment on the letter ...the comment ends with "Gotta go, my kettle is boiling, I can tell because there is smoke pouring out the spout. "
  13. TennDave

    TennDave Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    Okay, here's the deal- my sister lives in Birmingham. I talked to her this morning. She's not a vaper but she knows what it's done for me and is willing to send or email a letter. There will be no "personal" story on her part except for what I can tell her from my end...and she probably won't be able to respond w/ technical questions, etc. I'd like to just send her something she can either print or email on to her rep. Any suggestions?
  14. CES

    CES optimistic cynic Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    thank your sister for us!

    Tell her it can be short and sweet, and the best places for her to get a general idea of what she can say, and contact information are from the calls to action

    you can PM me if your sister wants some assistance- i'll give you my email address
  15. TennDave

    TennDave Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    Thanks but I think she wants "minimal" involvement- she's very busy, so best that I construct something for her. I will say that although she doesn't smoke or vape, she's very put out with so much government involvement in so many aspects of people's lives. Her very words were, "why can't they just leave you guys and the smokers alone- haven't they been discriminated against enough already?" Got to go out for dinner with my family so will check back here when I get back. Please PM me with any specific suggestions.
  16. TennDave

    TennDave Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    Okay, here is what I prepared (some of it has been "stolen" from other places here in the ECF- sorry)....3 different letters- one to the city council in Birmingham, other two to Senators and Representatives- each slightly different as what to change in the bill, etc. I am including what could be sent to the city here- Anyone want to help "clean it up" or stream-line it?

    Dear Council Man/Woman_________ :

    I am a resident of Birmingham, Alabama (District ______ ).

    Although I do not use one, and neither am I a smoker, a personal vaporizer (IE: Electronic Cigarette) has helped my long-time smoking brother to quit smoking. He lives in another state; otherwise, he would be sending you this letter. After decades of trying a great number of expensive programs and pharmaceutical products, not a single one could get him to stop smoking upwards of 2 packs per day for almost 30 years. Since trying a personal vaporizer he has been smoke free for over a year now. As he told me, it wasn’t a week after trying this smoke-free alternative that he completely lost interest in buying and smoking combustible cigarettes- something unheard of, especially if you know how heavily he was addicted to those things.

    My brother, David’s health improved drastically within a few months. When he went for his bi-annual dental check-up, his dentist wanted to know what he had done to improve his gums and was amazed at the lack of plaque on his teeth. David showed the dentist what he was using which impressed his doctor to the point of wanting to recommend it to his other smoking patient. Not only that, my brother had been using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. Only 4 months after he had quit smoking and started using the smoke-free device, he went to his “sleep doctor,” and his doctor told him that his air pressure could be reduced to the minimum amount and most likely he really didn’t even need a CPAP anymore. David says that he feels healthier than he ever has and has thus far reduced his nicotine intake three times. David has ADHD and when he tried to reduce nicotine to zero in his liquids, he responded with trouble concentrating and becoming forgetful in his daily work. This is funny because his work is in evaluating children for psychiatric issues such as ADHD. Evidently, nicotine helps him be “stable,” and work productively, so I do not know if he will ever completely quit his intake of nicotine. In fact, it appears that he needs some, to some degree to function normally. He said that he really didn’t notice the effects of the nicotine until he tried to regulate it, and it all makes sense now as to why he was so addicted to smoking combustible cigarettes in the first place. He also told me that when he started desiring the use of his smoke-free apparatus rather than actually smoking, he was still concerned for his health and began diligently trying to find information on electronic-cigarettes to see what harm they may still be causing. So far, he has not been able to (unlike combustible cigarettes) find anything that would indicate that they are harmful to him or any bystander- in any way. He said that he wished now that he had found this alternative years ago- that the gum, patches, prescribed inhalers and medications he had tried so many times were so much more expensive than even smoking and that they never helped him quit- they were a waste of his time and efforts. He also likes the fact his hair, clothes, car and breath don’t smell like an ashtray and that he doesn’t risk burning himself or others, and the risk to property has been reduced to zero. He feels that if he didn’t get turned on to the electronic cigarette, he would have continued to smoke with is health going down the tubes- most likely developing cancer, heart disease or some other debilitating condition.

    Because these devices DO NOT emit any type of SMOKE, his home, clothing, and property are all free of the toxins associated with smoking. The use of smoke-free electronic cigarettes is clearly NOT SMOKING, so it makes no sense to lump them in with smoking. In fact, it’s even a shame that they are referred to as E-Cigarettes as they are nothing like cigarettes. David would like their name changed to SmokeFreE-Cigs or just simply PV (personal vaporizer). So, these devices need to be handled separately from smoking. There is NO smoke! The liquids on the market for these devices only contain FDA approved ingredients. There is NO SMOKE...only water vapor that is completely harmless to anyone around. Strong perfume can be offensive, but these are not, so why ban them along with cigarettes when they have the potential to save people’s lives? According to his research, there is not a single study that has come anywhere close to proving these devices are harmful to the user or bystanders. NOT ONE! Before voting to ban something as smoking that clearly is NOT smoking, please think twice about this potentially life saving device. From what I understand from my brother, the different bans across the country concerning electronic-cigarettes are all political. The “political” part appears to be the big pharmaceutical companies losing money from their unproductive nicotine replacement products because of these effective devices. As you well know, the American Lung Association, Heart Association and even the FDA are largely funded by big Pharmaceutical companies and these are the very groups that appear to supply even the language used in the electronic-cigarette bans- using the reasoning that not enough is known about them. Let me just say that my brother is a member of a very larger on-line group that uses these devices. He has said that not one of thousands of the users of the alternative smoke-free devices have had any health issues- and in fact, almost all of them have a similar story as his- and some have been using this smoke-free alternative since they were brought to the U.S. about 7 years ago (now, many are made in the U.S.- at least the ones he uses). This should speak volumes!

    Business owners and not the government should be able to make up their own minds about whether or not they want people to use smoke-free electronic cigarettes inside of their establishments. Hasn’t the government meddled enough? How many more freedoms is the government going to take away, especially based on false predications. This is a device that actually can save smokers from early illness and death and the government wants to tell people where they can be used. I am just appalled at this.

    I have watched and experienced being along side my brother when he has used his PV. Electronic cigarette use is easy to distinguish from actual smoking. Although some e-cigarettes resemble real cigarettes, many do not (my brother’s looks like a box and is made of wood). It is easy to tell when someone lights a cigarette, from the smell of smoke. E-cigarette vapor is practically odorless, and generally any detectable odor is not unpleasant and smells nothing like smoke. The vapor from his device does not behave in the same manner as smoke. There is no "side stream" vapor like the side stream smoke coming from the lit end of a cigarette. There is also no ash or litter. With so little evidence of use, enforcing indoor use bans on electronic cigarettes would be nearly impossible. After talking to him, I believe now like he does that the ability to use electronic cigarettes in public spaces will actually improve public health by inspiring other smokers to switch. He showed me where surveys of thousands of users indicate that the majority of those who switch, completely replace tobacco cigarettes with the electronic cigarettes, reducing their health risks by 98-99% like he feels he has.

    In regard to pending legislation, please amend the bill to remove the second sentence in Section 2(a)(14) from the proposed Smoke Free Ordinance because it falsely defines "smoking" as including the use of smokefree e-cigarettes. Also, please remove Section2(a)(3) from the bill.


    My brother David asked that if you have the time, this resource may be of value to you concerning your decision:
  17. yvilla

    yvilla Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have one suggestion for you TennDave. Instead of providing a general link like you have to, where the recipient of the letter would have to browse around and search for information, why not provide a link that goes directly to FAQs and lists all the available research that has been done, like this link: Electronic Cigarettes

    I think such a direct link will be much more useful when corresponding with legislators and such, who are not necessarily disposed to giving the time and effort needed to search around and to learn what we want them to.
  18. TennDave

    TennDave Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Thank you! Great suggestion. I'll so that and edit my post.
    Any other suggestions? I'll keep editing until I get a copy that I can send to her
  19. CES

    CES optimistic cynic Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    I really like your letter. It's clear and heartfelt.
  20. TennDave

    TennDave Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Thanks! Anyone have suggestions to streamline it?
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