Amount of nicotine in NJOY 2N1 cartridges???

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by mynew, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. mynew

    mynew New Member

    Hi All,

    Was hoping that someone here might know the answer to this. Exactly how much nicotine is in an NJOY 2N1 cartridge? I'm trying to use ecigs as a means to quit smoking, and as such I really want to gauge how much nicotine I'm ingesting, but JNOY is making it quite difficult. The cartridges state "% nicotine by volume", but then they don't state how much volume per cartridge. I mean, I suppose I could calculate the volume of the cartridge cylinder itself but I suspect they're talking about some sort of liquid inside the cartridge.

    So, if I smoke one "0.6% nicotine by volume" cartridge per day, how much nicotine exactly have I ingested?

    Would appreciate any replies. I've also sent NJOY customer service an email asking the same question, will post it in this thread if they reply with a straight answer (although at this point I'm a bit doubtful on getting a straight answer from them).

    Quitter in Progress
  2. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    No idea. You can't even figure it out from the stated capacity of the carto since they may not fill a prefill that much. Go look up what the ml capacity of an RN4081 cartomizer is.

    .6% is 6mg per ml nicotine, very low
  3. mynew

    mynew New Member

    thanks, I didn't realize it would be so complicated ... seems like it shouldn't be ... how did you arrive at your calculation? The density of nicotine is 1kg/L ?
  4. Noodoggy

    Noodoggy Super Member ECF Veteran

    the percentage is the number of mg per ml. as the previous poaster said .6% is 6mg per ml. AS to exactly how much nicotine you are taking into your body...we havent really gotten definitive answers for that, but from my own experience, I dont thin we get nearly as much nicotine as we do smoking. Maybe as little as one tenth to as much as half I would say. you can also ask my wife back when I first started vaping lol i was a bear the first couple of weeks lol

    also njoy has refills at 1.8%(18mg) which is a more realistic amount of nicotine for quitting smoking. i now vape 24mg but have been cutting my liquids to bring it down a little bit to 18 and 12. Good luck and just vape your ash off until you dont want a smoke lol may your vaping be long lasting!
  5. mynew

    mynew New Member

    thanks! yes, a quick glance over at wikipedia showed me that the density of nicotine is 1.01g/ml (~= 1kg/L), so that math works out to (% of volume)*10 = mg of nicotine per ml of volume.

    And thanks for the info and the encouragement. My plan was to swap out between no nicotine and the 0.6% nicotine cartridges until I can just go with no nicotine (and eventually no cigs, e or otherwise).

    My biggest concern is that I might get too much nicotine, thus *increasing* my nicotine addiction rather than decreasing it. Well, I guess I'll just stick to my plan of just smoking the non-nicotine cartridges and swapping in the 0.6 cartridge when I need it
  6. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Nicotine amounts are per ml

    Most standard cartomizers are around 1ml capacity (approximate)

    If your carto had exactly 1ml of juice in it then it had 6mg of nicotine in it
  7. stillalive

    stillalive Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    nicotine isn't really all that bad without the tobacco and smoke and carcinogens. nicotine is not a carcinogen. It works on the body similarly to caffeine, and when you remove the other components in tobacco it's only minimally addictive on its own! However, tobacco products (and the stuff Big Tobacco does to alter the nicotine and tobacco to make it more addictive) can "rewrite" your brain to make you addicted to nicotine, and that will take a while to undo. Most people seem to need a higher level of nicotine the first month or two, after which their brains seem to be ready for them to lower the dosage. :)

    Please use as strong a nicotine level as you need to quit. Again, nicotine alone is not necessarily bad for you, so if 6mg just doesn't cut it, please increase your level rather than going back to analogs. Some people like me even use nicotine to help with learning disabilities, health problems, and mental illness. Try not to fret over the nicotine levels right now. :)
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