Anyone plasti-dip their mod?

Discussion in 'Cosmetic Mods' started by TakinToots, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. TakinToots

    TakinToots Full Member Verified Member

  2. Kevin Mengus

    Kevin Mengus Full Member

    Im interested in the answer to this question.

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  3. dmazyn

    dmazyn Senior Member Verified Member

    I tried the spray version on a Vamo 2 but it did not last too long. Dipping it may last longer but you have to sand down the mod to allow it to stick to the metal better.
  4. Mitey F

    Mitey F Super Member Verified Member

    This. If you don't give your mod a real rough finish (some brushed box mods *might* do OK) it will just peel off. I suppose that could be a good or bad thing though. If you don't like it, it's usually pretty easy to peel off.
  5. BuzzKilla

    BuzzKilla Ultra Member Verified Member

    l leave the car forums cuz i'm sick of hearing about plasti dip... and it has followed me!

    LE GASP!

    If you are going to go through the effort of repainting your mod, plastidip is not the answer.
    Plastidip is never the answer!
  6. twizted

    twizted Super Member Verified Member

    You would probably have better results with that flex-seal stuff in a can. It has somewhat a rubbery feel to it.

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  7. turbocad6

    turbocad6 Ultra Member Verified Member

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    I agree with this 100% :)
  8. Mitey F

    Mitey F Super Member Verified Member

    It is also very hard to coat something without drips. Otherwise, yes, it works well.
  9. ace963

    ace963 Full Member Verified Member

    I have tried this on a couple of mods and I can not get that stuff to stick for the life of me. Sanding, primer, etching prime nothing. Starts off great and and usually lets go on a edge or corner. Using the spray can stuff. I can make spray paint look good and be durable but not this stuff for some reason. Last one I did I actually went over it with superglue to avoid having to strip and repaint it. Looks good but the superglue makes it hard and slick... kind of defeats the purpose of rubber spray paint.
  10. Mudsh0v3l

    Mudsh0v3l Full Member Verified Member

    I'll probably try it on my Panzer clone. I have some flat black left over from a project on my Jeep. I don't see why it wouldn't work. I used on the door hinges of my Jeep and has stood the test of time/car washes/trees. :unsure:
  11. Miata GT

    Miata GT Ultra Member Verified Member

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    Nah man! PlastiDip your rented wheelz so they look doooope!
  12. inter_ceptor00

    inter_ceptor00 Accessories Supplier

    Brodie Halfhill posted his plasti-dipped iHy pure. No mention of the durability yet, but it looks nice.

    plastidip ihy pure.jpg
  13. Dougiestyle

    Dougiestyle Ultra Member Verified Member

    The problem with plastidip adhesion can be remedied by prepping the surface with spray adhesive.
  14. Drozd

    Drozd Vaping Master

    Why...just why...would anyone do this?So many other cosmetic treatments that could be done...hydrodips, patinas, heat treatments, annodizing....Why bother with something so cheap looking?
  15. BuzzKilla

    BuzzKilla Ultra Member Verified Member

    but doesnt that negate one of the "benefits" of Plastidip...
  16. Dougiestyle

    Dougiestyle Ultra Member Verified Member

    Not really. It can still be removed fairly easy. You just have to clean the adhesive off, too. Once plastidip's applied, most people want to maintain the rubberized feel. Spray adhesive helps maintain the longevity of the intended use.
  17. propofokgov

    propofokgov Senior Member Verified Member

    I haven't seen it mentioned here, but plastidip also comes in a spray (which is what I would use) so you don't get the drips! When I had my magneto I used Sugru on the telescope extension to give it a nice rubber grip and fill in the gap.

    On this note, I don't think it would look cheap at all if done right and done on the right MOD. I woudn't DARE plastidip my Lunar, but mostly because it wouldn't add to the aesthetics of it, whereas I would plastidip a Magneto or a provari or SID in a heartbeat. To each their own I guess.
  18. DrVonDeafingson

    DrVonDeafingson Full Member

    I looked into plasti dip but in the end I decided to send my RDA off to get a cerakote finish with a couple of firearm and paintball parts. Only cost me about $7 bucks a part and it'll last a helluva longer time than plasti dip.
  19. DeVeL 5150

    DeVeL 5150 Full Member

    was kind of wondering this too. i have sprayed wheels with plasti dip before and they came out good but a mod has alot of handling and it would seem to rub off with handling. ive sprayed egos and other smaller tube mods with a rubberized paint used for cars found at local auto part stores called "rubberized under body coating" used for frames and fender wells. after a quick sand with 200-500 grit to scuff it up wipe down with acetone or rubbing alcohol and about 2-3 very light coats it came out great. just tape off threads and vents before spraying and suspend it freely to get coverage on all surfaces and you are golden.
  20. DrVonDeafingson

    DrVonDeafingson Full Member


    I'm still going to have to suggest cerakote. At least it won't come off. I'd hate to inhale any particles that flaked off after using paint or plasti dip.
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