Anything new thats not out yet but soon?

Discussion in 'Variable Voltage APV Discussion' started by robo74, Oct 29, 2013.

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  1. robo74

    robo74 Senior Member Verified Member

    Anyone know of anything that is worth mentioning that is going to hit the market soon?

    I get excited over new technology!

  2. LovinTheVapor

    LovinTheVapor Senior Member Verified Member

  3. robo74

    robo74 Senior Member Verified Member

    Wow, looks really cool but the price tag is huge :blink:

  4. LovinTheVapor

    LovinTheVapor Senior Member Verified Member

    Yep, but not much can be done about that.

    New small start up company that needs their investment back quickly. Gotta pay the R&D people, CAD designers, packaging Graphic Artists, etc. American labor is always substantially higher. Using quality parts instead of China sourced. The DNA20 chips alone run over $40 each, even in bulk (if the builder wants to add on board charging it's another $40+). No large scale/or very little when out-sourcing work (milling, paint/powder coat, etc.) re: no big discounts.

    And the list goes on and on.

    Price the other quality "Made in the USA" mods out there and the $$$ is probably not too far off.
  5. Criticalmass

    Criticalmass Ultra Member Verified Member

  6. Joshinthecity

    Joshinthecity Super Member

    Isn't the iClear 30 's' due soon ?
  7. LovinTheVapor

    LovinTheVapor Senior Member Verified Member

  8. nj1001

    nj1001 Super Member Verified Member

    I think you should have specified what price range you were looking for in the initial post. It would certainly narrow down recommendations folks would suggest. However, since nothing much cheap interests me at the moment I will tell you about some of the things I have seen/heard about.

    I am also eagerly anticipating the futura which is actually moderately priced for a DNA20 mod. I mean, its no wizzard 2 evolved weighing next to nothing and costing $500. But he is supposedly going to release the wizzard 2 evolved's apprentice which should cost less but weigh more as the titanium will be replaced with SS. I don't know when it will be released or how much but judging by the price difference between the wizzard vs wizzard's apprentice but adding in the DNA chip... you can try an estimate what you think it'll cost. Probably a pretty penny more than the futura?

    I am also personally excited for the 3D from atmomixani which is expected to be released in November or December. No price has been mentioned yet for the revolutionary RDA but I would guess it'll be around $100 and is unlike anything else to date. Also from Atmomixani I saw on another forum he is going to be releasing a nemesis telescopic mod but before that gets revealed he will release a narrower version of the nemesis which takes 14500s. Oh and he will also be releasing his genesis style atomizer which looks nice called the dome I think. His devices are all top notch so much so they're usually sold out from anywhere that carries them and people eagerly line up to drop $200 for a lightly used nemie regularly.

    Supertmanufacturing is releasing a new RDA which also seems very interesting but right now is only compatible with a couple of their mods only but I would expect in the future they may come out with a 510 connection. The price for that is $150 and has a 2-4 week wait depending on which model as it is currently in pre-order status. Super T ~ Strata RDA

    Finally, I'll leave you with this interesting concept. VapeCase - The World's First Cell Phone Case Vaporizer | Indiegogo
    Looks like its not coming out any time soon unless someone wants to donate $49,200 to the cause in the next 9 days. Not sure what I think about it but I can see how it would also be revolutionary.

    Sorry none of my recommendations are without a large price tag. But top notch devices will unfortunately cost ya
  9. State O' Flux

    State O' Flux Vaping Master Verified Member

    Then there's the 99 X 53 X 28 mm - 40 watt, "brick from hell", the Gi2.
  10. robo74

    robo74 Senior Member Verified Member

    Not really. I didnt really specify that I was looking for something to buy.

    My point was strictly to see of there was something that was due out soon that was nice to look at/read about, etc. And then if it was something I might be interested in, then perhaps a purchased would be fitting.

    Lets face it, its forums like these that we actually learn about new things. Not too many commercials or big boards on the roadside that advertise the next biggest thing in the vaping world.

    If the next new thing is $1k, I will gladly ready about it and possibly drool over it. But wont be buying it.
    Doesnt mean the next person reading this thread wont buy it.

    Thanks all for your posting, certainly some good stuff to look up and look at.

    Keep them coming!

  11. nj1001

    nj1001 Super Member Verified Member

    Wizards apprentice evolved is up on his site right now!!! Cost is 250 euro which is about $340. They're going to be shipped by November 2nd I think is what I read. Doubt these will be available for long.
  12. robo74

    robo74 Senior Member Verified Member

    I am retracting this statement :laugh: I see lots of very nice things out there that have a higher price tag. :toast:
  13. reeftivo

    reeftivo Super Member

  14. aikanae1

    aikanae1 Vaping Master Verified Member

    That would make it hard to vape and talk on the phone at the same time. I dunno if I could deal with that.
    Interesting stuff being listed.
  15. bumpeez

    bumpeez Full Member Verified Member

  16. symphonic18

    symphonic18 Senior Member Verified Member

    dna30 is supposedly coming out somewhat soon
  17. RandomFellow

    RandomFellow Super Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Sometime after Christmas, perhaps December 27th.
    I wonder if the Futura (which I am mulling a preorder for) will just skip the 20 and go with the 30.

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  18. Train2

    Train2 Vaping Master Verified Member

    The ProTank3 has just started shipping.
    I also hear...well, so far I hear it kinda sucks.
    I'll wait for the ProTank3 v2, or the ProTank4 maybe.
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