Bad Blu Batteries

Discussion in 'Blu Electronic Cigarettes' started by chrisl317, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. chrisl317

    chrisl317 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I've had my blu for a couple of months now and I was just wondering if anyone else has gotten bad batteries? I've had to return 2 batteries that won't even stay on for a second. I'm about to go to their online support to return the third bad battery the just sent me today. I fully charged it, screwed in my atty and took a puff. The darn thing didn't even go on. Then I had to blow through the led end to at least see if it worked and the led lit up. Then I tried to take a puff, it goes on for a second or two and cuts out, not even long enough to heat up the atty. Now I'm starting to get a bit cranky about the situation. My one working original battery is good, I can take a good long 5 to 8 second hit off of it and everything's fine. I think when they got so far behind in shipping, their supplier/manufacturer fired their QC guy and decided to ship out whatever it had laying around and no one checks them at BluCigs when they come in. Has anyone else had a similar problem?:grr:
  2. Tink

    Tink Full Member

    Just a thought, If you screw a shorted atty to a battery, the battery will go bad immediately.
    More VAPE Please
  3. chrisl317

    chrisl317 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    no shorted attys here. I've tried them all on my one good original battery and all work fine, so that's not the problem.
  4. badprincezz

    badprincezz New Member

    I ordered JUNE 30th and Received it August 7th. Already one battery is DONE. it won't charge and it won't work - it's not the atty it works fine on the other battery.... thinking about sending the whole damn thing back
  5. chrisl317

    chrisl317 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Well, for the 5th or 6th time I talked to their online support yesterday (Drew this time). I can't fault the company or their support. I think the manufacturer is sending them pooh. But, this time they just asked me to check the atty, which works fine and then they asked me if I would like them to send me out another battery. What was surprising is that normally, they would request I send the defective battery back first. This time they didn't. I also requested that this time someone check the battery before sending it out to me. I said if the battery won't stay on for at least 5 seconds or more I'd be right back requesting another battery and that I was getting a bit frustrated by the whole affair. I was told that they would send out "A Good Battery" to me. We shall see, if not, I'm just going to order a a j108 or l88 battery from someone else and just not deal with Blu anymore. I have to give their Marketing Team "props" though, they definately put the word out to the world about e-cigs. Anyone else having any battery problems with BluCigs though, past or present?
  6. fozzie

    fozzie Full Member

    if anyone isnt having a problem with their blu they dont use it or they are very easily satisfied with frequent malfunctions and shotty construction... one of my blu batteries burned out shortly after i got it and the atty doesnt put out consistent amounts of vapor... yea the pack is useful for recharging on the go but it isnt unique to blu like they claim... the joye 510 has a pack that charges as well... the only reason i keep my blu is a fallback for if god forbid something goes horribly wrong with my 510
  7. hxj

    hxj Super Member ECF Veteran

    I'm pretty sure the 510 PCC doesn't store an assembled 510, so every time you take it out of the pack you have to screw it together, which I know I'm going to dislike when my 510 gets here. In fact, I don't think it even stores a second battery, so if you want to charge while you vape you have to carry the PCC and a 510, as opposed to blu, where it's all in the pack.

    I may be the only one (judging from the comments, it seems likely!), but I've had a blu starter kit for a month, and I haven't had any battery problems EXCEPT two days ago when I dropped one really hard on the floor and it started activating all by itself at random times. However, when I checked it a few hours later it was behaving itself again, and has been fine ever since then. (I suspect that when it fell, some liquid got jolted through the atty hole into the battery and caused a temporary short in the activator circuit.)

    For the record, I've dropped blus at least a half-dozen times, usually onto concrete, and before Monday, I'd never had any problem afterwards other than scraped paint.

    I ordered two more batteries just in case, though who knows how long it'll be before I get them. When I ordered more atomizers (extras, the originals still work fine) I got them in five days, so we'll see.

    Incidentally, the four atomizers cost less than $20 including shipping, and came with four new mouthpieces, two white and two black, which I was happy to see because it makes it easier for me to remember which cart is which flavor: I now use black mouthpieces for espresso and black cherry, white for chocolate, and natural for JC original and Tennessee Cured.
  8. badboyblu

    badboyblu New Member

    same, battery problem here, I just received my blu 4 days ago. gotta say, very pro design, awesome flavor, but the battery is a joke. first of all I cant find any information anywhere how long do I have to charge the battery first time. the instruction says until the light goes off. now thats interesting, cause it never goes off. its on, or it's blinking randomly. same thing with the usb charger. the instruction says :"the blue light on your battery will flash and the USB charger will change from red to green when charging is complete". green? I never saw green color on that thing. however I got short blue blinking when its red, and it turns blue and stays blue for like 10 sec, after about an hour charge.
    so the first time, when I used it it was good (about 1 hour charge for the battery, and 2 hours for the pack). good amount of vapor, nice flavor, everything is ok. after 3 days even with the fully charged battery I got like 1/10 of the vapor, 0 flavor 0 throat hit. and its not the atomizer for sure, I ordered 2 extra, so 4 attys cant go bad in 3 days. (I had a janty mini fogger before, so make sure I asked for extra attys when I ordered the blu)
    the other thing is the cartridge. last like 3 cigarette that's it. under 3 days I killed half of the 25 pack. tried to fill up with johnson creek, original tobacco juice, didnt help too much, but I guess, the battery is the main problem here too. the reason I ordered blu is because of the good price, and the good design. also I know batteries and atomizers go down sometimes, and I liked the idea, this company will not charge me outrageous price for these things, like another one before. 2 extra attys were 10 bucks including shipping. you cant beat that. but the battery goes down in 3-4 days? ..c'mon
  9. jaspry

    jaspry Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I got the Blu cig and i used it for 20 days and i was dissatisfied.the batteries kept going out. i would have to charge it every couple hrs. so i returned it and bought vapor 4 Life. and the battery has lasted me all day. and more amazingly enough the one cartridge last me for more then a week. and i smoke it none stop. blu's batteries are short lived.

  10. hxj

    hxj Super Member ECF Veteran

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Vapor 4 Life model is an LT-V9? If so, of course it has a longer-lasting battery, it's quite a bit larger (110 mm vs. 88 mm for blu). With batteries, there's always going to be a trade-off of size vs. duration; that's why blu starter kits include two batteries and a PCC that can charge one battery while carrying a complete e-cig, so that you can always have a charged battery ready to swap out. It's not likely to be satisfactory for heavy smokers, because they'd be swapping batteries constantly, but for those of us who don't vape as much throughout the day (I go through an average of three blu charges a day) and prefer a smaller e-cig, blu is a nice solution.

    I'm curious as to how blu battery life stacks up against, say, that of the DSE-084, which is even smaller. Someday I may get one just to see, but so far the blu's been everything I need, plus I have a 510 arriving this week. And I haven't seen anyone selling a decent 084 PCC yet.
  11. LABeachBum

    LABeachBum Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Gosh do I know what you mean chrisl317! I got a bad one in my very first order, returned it, and they sent me out another one. Then I realized that since I'm going to be charging these little work horses so often, they probably won't last a month or so. So I put in a larger order for 6 batteries. Of the 6 battery shipment, two were bad (the bat would stop working after about 2 seconds of a draw).

    Rather than return them immediately, I ordered another 6 of which there were once again, two bad batteries.

    So then I returned all four bad batteries and am waiting for my four new ones to come back.

    I also ordered a couple batteries from just cause I want a orange light for when I don't want to explain e-cigs to other smokers who see the blue light. I'll let you all know what the failure rate is on those when I get them.

    And last but not least, I ordered a battery from (sidesho) since they are supposed to be compatible (same width, same thread) as the Blus. They promise manual ones soon so if the auto ones work well then the manual's may be a solution to the over-senativity of the Blu batteries around noise.
  12. JonSC4

    JonSC4 Full Member

    I've owned my Blue kit for less than a week and am already having problems with it. Initially, one battery would last a day and in that time I would go through about 1.5 cartridges. Now I'm going through about two carts a day but am having to charge both batteries a couple of times each. The USB charger, like others mentioned, will initially be red, then flash between blue and red, and after about a half hour will remain blue. It doesn't seem to matter if I take the battery out as soon as the light stays blue or if I leave it in for an hour or two. On top of that, my PCC completely died on me yesterday. It won't charge my batteries and won't charge itself when plugged into the wall outlet.

    I really liked this product the first couple of days when it was working fine but now I will be returning it and buying something else.
  13. LABeachBum

    LABeachBum Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Ya, Blu sure does have some quality issues. Also keep in mind that the little batteries consistently being charged over and over day after day will cause it to slowly die over time. Thankfully, the batteries at Blu are cheap. If you stick with Blu, then become an affiliate and buy supplies from your own affiliate link, making each battery, PCC, and pair of attys about 8 bucks each.

    You can also use a 510 USB passthrough (fits blu attys) and use the USB battery charger for those times when you are vaping at home. Good for whichever brand you settle on since it will help alleviate the number of charges since each charge will shorten the life of the battery by a fraction.

    Alternatively, you can just buy a SideSho to go along with your blu. It has a longer batter for longer battery life (less charges necessary) and comes with Carts that have more fluid space. The Blu attys work well the SideSho and you can fit an assembled Blu cart+atty in the SideSho PCC like you can with your Blu PCC. I only bring this up because the SideSho without Blu carts+attys forces you to carry only ONE atomzer (SideSho attys are longer than Blu) and who knows where you will be when the atty fails.

    All things said, batteries and atomizers for all models do have a failure/death rate and should be expected. So stock up on both for whichever you choose.
  14. hxj

    hxj Super Member ECF Veteran

    Yup, I've noticed that with the 510, one has to buy atomizers; with the blu, one has to buy batteries. :)

    Interestingly, my first two blu batteries are still going pretty strong (two months and counting), but the first two extras I bought were wonky-- one never flashed the LED when screwed into a charger, and eventually died while charging; the other just up and died while charging.

    So I finally got to deal with blu's infamous customer service... and found it totally fine. I emailed about the problem, they emailed back in 2 days suggesting that I call instead so they could troubleshoot while they had me try things with the starter kit. I called, they asked questions, I answered, and then they said they'd email me a form to fill out and gave me an RMA number. The form arrived in my inbox a couple of hours later, I printed it, filled it out, and sent it in with the two bad batteries. A few hours later, I got email informing me that they'd already sent me replacements! I thought I'd have to wait until they received the bad ones to send me new ones. That was a very pleasant surprise.

    So, assuming the replacements actually show up and work, I'm pretty pleased with my first interaction with blu customer service.
  15. Cowboy Dan

    Cowboy Dan Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I as well have received two replacement batteries from Blu after troubleshooting. I got the form, was going to fill it out, got busy and kind of forgot about it. About a week later, I got the batteries w/o sending the form in. I am almost positive these batteries work on a pressure switch. I noticed the battery i thought was defective would work well after blowing into the battery really hard, with cart/atty assembly removed. I believe it somehow may stick, the switch I mean. Just a thought for those having battery issues.
  16. hxj

    hxj Super Member ECF Veteran

    Yeah, one of my original starter kit ones got very touchy after I dropped it hard-- it kept going off with the tiniest movement. That was when I ordered my first pair of extra batteries. But later that night I cautiously tried it again and it seemed fine, and indeed has been fine for the five or six weeks since. My theory is that, upon impact, some liquid got forced through the atomizer hole into the battery, which made the switch freak out (like trying to use a trackpad with wet fingers, or a cell phone keypad when rain has gotten inside). Once it dried it was okay.
  17. chrisl317

    chrisl317 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    What gets me is that my original battery is still going strong. I can take a 5 - 8 second draw without it turning off. All the batteries they've sent me as replacements I get a 1-3 second draw, which seems hardly long enough to heat the atty and vape. You have to draw, stop, draw and stop to keep these replacements going. In the beginning people were complaining that they were too sensitive and would go off when a breeze passed. I think some internal adjustment was made and that makes these just about useless. Any known substitutes by any of the suppliers for blu batts? The blu atty and carts work unbelievable great when screwed onto my 510 manual battery though!
  18. hxj

    hxj Super Member ECF Veteran

    For ones that actually fit all the equipment, you'd have to find another L88B vendor. Volcano is one, but you'll get a red LED instead of blue. (Actually, that sounds like a nice change, maybe I'll get my next batteries from there.) The Sidesho batteries from Modern Vapor are longer but the right width and otherwise compatible (and longer-lasting, and available in more colors), but of course they won't fit in the blu pack.

    But let me just say that the two black batteries I just got from blu a couple of days ago are allowing 8-second draws with no trouble, so I don't think it's ALL blu batteries that are acting weird. I'm starting to suspect that they retool returned batteries and resell them as new, because of the last four "new" batteries I got from them, two had nicks in the paint. Or maybe I'm just paranoid. :)
  19. Cowboy Dan

    Cowboy Dan Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Yeah, that does work quite well. It could be my imagination, but I think the blu atty on a 510 battery outperforms the 510 atty. I don't do it that often as I expect it would diminish the life of the blu atty. Get loads of vapor from it though.
  20. LABeachBum

    LABeachBum Senior Member ECF Veteran

    AquaVaporcig also sells L88B:
: volcano
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