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    Copied from the Chucklehead Forum...

    The question of "What batteries do I get" and "Where do I order" comes up about a hundred times a week on the 'Saturday' thread. I just want to put as much batt info as I can here so that we can point ppl to this thread when the question comes up.

    Here is a rundown of batteries that can be used for the Chuck....

    Large Chuck:

    3.7V - 18650
    6V - 2x RCR123
    6V - 2x CR2 (need the sleeve sold at, unprotected**)
    6V - 2x CR123 (these are non re-chargeables that you can get in a pinch at most stores to use your large chuck at 6V)

    Little Chuck:
    3.7V - 16340 (also sold as 3.6V CR123A, but make sure you get the 3.6V and not the 3V)
    3.7V - 18350 (1200mAh, orange ones unprotected**, blue ones protected)

    ** Use unprotected batteries at your own risk. While it is unlikely that anything will go wrong, serious injury and fire can result from using unprotected batteries. **

    Places to Buy:
    Look through the thread below for useful discount codes!

    MadVapes LLC
    (US Supplier, good prices, carries protected 18350's)

    Battery Junction Batteries, Battery Chargers, Flashlights, Solar Products & more! (US supplier usually 2-3 days to get)

    Fenix Flashlights, Cree Q5 LED, Lithium Batteries, Lithium Ion Batteries, Li-Ion Chargers, Leatherman Multitools, Spyderco Knives and more! (US Supplier, good prices)

    DealExtreme: Cool Gadgets at the Right Price - Site-Wide Free Shipping (Page 1) (China supplier, best prices, but extremely long wait)

    Battery Tips:
    - Order your batteries and charger at the same time you order your Chuck, so you won't be stuck looking at an unusable piece of table art. ;-)

    - You can charge your batteries when they come. Don't wait for your Chuck to arrive. They will hold the charge and be ready for out of the box Chucking!
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    Great post, thank you for puttign this here
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    Don't forget you can use two 3.7v RCR123A batteries in the Chuck for a mind-blowing 7.4v vaping experience.

    Please note, I am not responsible for any dead atomizers, or cranial explosions resulting from vaping at 7.4v.
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    I actually tried that last one with 0nic juice. Imagine if you would sucking the atomized fumes from an ammonia bottle that was heated with a car battery....
  5. highping

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    I thought about adding that, but, I didn't want to be responsible for flaming attys either.

    Also, if anyone knows any discount codes, please post them in this thread.
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    I've used it on some flavors of cartomizers with some nice success, actually.
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    Ok, how long of a draw do you recommend?
  8. AngusATAT

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    At 7.4v I was hitting my cartomizers for one second or less. It gets real hot real fast. :D

    Nice vapor, though.

    Note: Some flavor juices do not like this voltage at all. Bleh.
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    Id also like to recommend using the lifepo4 750 mAh Tenergys over the blue Tenergy 900mAh batts...because the blue ones trip every 5 secs and you have to put back on charger to reset them...VERY annoying AND cant leave the house w confidence. The yellow lifepo4s however, NEVER let me down.

    I have to also agree w Angus on the 7.4v vaping, although I use a HV atty for vaping at that level, brings it down to a tolerable/flavorable/enjoyable notch IMO so I can take usual 3-5sec drags :)

    Angus is just a vaping beast ;)
  11. AngusATAT

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    I learned from watching your vids, sweetie. :D
  12. JeannieB360

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    CTJ - I haven't had any problem with the blue Tenergy LI-Ion 900 mAh one's tripping.

    At some point I'll get some of the LifePO4's, tho, probably when my current LI-Ion ones start to crap out. You and a lot of other people say the LifePO4's are safe and 'better'.
  13. raven9mm

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  14. crashtestjeep

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    Thanks! ;) The mAH of the second set are the best at a measley 280mah, but I hear that other co's may look into making them again since theres (more of ) a market now. Not sure how true that is but better than not prot at all :)

    Jeannie, Ur soooo lucky! Lol, my blue set drive me absolutely insane! Glad ur having luck w urs tho :thumbs:
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    I think this one, and the Pr0n should be made sticky. And not just because of what happens when we look at the pr0n. I think they would help people.
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    Before I picked my Little Chuck I agonized over battery life, and now that I have had mine about a week I figured it might help someone else to post my results. Detail on my vaping habits at the end, for ease of info's sake.

    Everyone vapes at a different rate, so your mileage may vary. However, if you have experience with stock batteries compare your results to mine and you should get a good idea of what to expect. I also use 510 atomizers and 24mg juice, so adjust based on your equipment/nic amount.

    On stock batteries, I had to change every two hours.

    16340s, every four hours.

    18350s, I have yet to kill one. I put in a new battery when going to work (and carry an extra) and that stays in until the next day before I leave again.

    When first trying these, I got a weird chemical taste from my juice, but I had a battery mishap and had to use one instead of the 16340s, and boy am I glad! The chemical taste thing was an aberration, and now I never have to swap batteries during my day.

    I vape about thirty minutes an hour or so, in five to ten minute increments. That is an average, of course. I vape more when work is quiet, less when busy (desk job) and more when having coffee and even more drinking. I have not yet gone out to a bar with the 18350s, but I expect slightly less battery life in that environment:cool:.

    As of now, I have had an 18350 going since 2 pm yesterday, went to work, got home a little after Midnight. I stayed up until about 5 am, slept for a bit, and have been up since 9 am and still on the same 18350. That's a good 17 hours!

    I can say with confidence that even a chain-vaper should get at LEAST 10 hours out of an 18350, and that is a low-ball estimate.

    I am using the 18350s from MadVapes, the blue ones that are 1200mAH protected, of course. The 16340s are the silver Ultrafire, they have no mAH written on them.

    I hope this helps someone!

    Edit: The 18350 battery just quit as I posted, 11:14 am Pacific. 17 hours, almost exactly!
  18. jeffakamax

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    The 18350's are THE way to go for the Little Chuck! 17 hours in a package that size.... impressive!

    Kudos to MadVapes for keeping them on hand for us!
  19. TheBigD

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    Totally! I think it is also a testament to the efficiency/build quality of your design. It is truly a work of art-beyond the graphics on the outside. Honestly, one of the best values for the money out there, for any product in any category.

    Thanks Jeff, I love my Little Chuck!*

    *I will soon be ordering a Chuck, not because I need one for battery life, but because I am a completist that gotta own both!
  20. NativeTexan

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    That's the same reason I ordered one of each. If I hadn't, I would sit here vaping one Chuck, while kicking myself for not getting the other.

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