Be careful where you get your e-liquid in Thailand!

Discussion in 'Thailand Forum' started by AllocInit, Jul 8, 2013.

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    I'm sure many of you know what's legit, but just in case, there are some knock-off e-liquid here in Thailand.

    There's a website that sells a Pink Spot knock-off called Blue Spot. Blue Spot as a brand, not the Blu Spot flavor that Pink Spot has. Same style logo & packaging.
    The website claims that it's 100% American made, but that's a complete lie. If you've been vaping for a while, then it would be obvious, but to someone relatively new to vaping,it might not me. Yes, I made the rookie mistake of buying them. It was only when I looked for a Blue Spot website when I realized that it's complete BS. They also sell eGO-C knock-offs that are neither from Ovale or JoyeTech.

    There are also self-proclaimed authorized Ovale dealers with a legitimate looking website. But upon further inspection, you see that it's fake. Ovale cannot set up a Thailand store since it's illegal to sell them. There are even stores that sells these Ovale liquid, with a bunch of Korean writing on them and Cappucino is instead spelled Cappuchino. At first, I thought this was on purpose, but the official Ovale website spells it correctly as Cappuccino.

    I'm sure there are more cases of fake e-liquids here in Thailand. If you know any, please let us know, so we don't get duped into buying overpriced fake liquid.
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